Dinosaucers Night Thread (2/1)

One day, four ordinary teenagers met some new friends… from out of town!

The Dinosaucers! Alien creatures who are half humanoid… half dinosaur! They could also dinovolve. That is, they could transform into their beastial dinosaur form on command. This feature was only used a few times in early episodes, because, as it turns out, dinosaurs with muscles are much cooler.

These teens became the Secret Scouts, allies to these dinosaurs from outer space!

These Scouts would join the Dinosaucers in their battles against Genghis Rex (a.k.a. “Bossosaur”) and the evil Tyrannos! Booo! Clearly the Dinosaucers are the heroes because they are led by an Allosaurus, and not an evil Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But who cares! By God, check out them biceps! No tiny comedy arms for this beefy leader of lizards! Watch out, Earth: Genghis Rex has got two tickets to the gun show!

Though, to be fair, I don’t think the vehicles ever went past the prototype phase.

Also every Dinosaucer and Tyranno has their own flying dinosaur-shaped vehicle because toy companies need to maximize profits big battles need serious military hardware!

The Dinosaucers make their base in a volcano, while the Tyrannos have a base at a tar pit. Clearly they’re a morbid bunch, as they want to live where their ancestors died. They both hail from the planet Reptilon, which, if I am reading correctly, is on a counter-orbit to Earth. So look up at the sky, Avocados. The lizard people are below your feet, but are in fact hidden by the sun!

Fun fact care of Wikipedia: Allo, the leader of the Dinosaucers, has an address on his home address of Reptilon at “where Palmer Avenue meets Emerson and Lake”. Also he has a maid named Gatormaid.

I freaking hate you, Allo.

Dinosaucers was created by Michael Uslan, i.e. the guy who owns the Batman movie rights and has his name in the producer credits on every Batman film since 1989… including weird films like Catwoman, Justice League, The Lego Batman Movie, and Joker. Outside of a few shorts, Dinosaucers is the only series he has ever written.