Werewolf 115 – Werewolf Emblem Awakening – Day One

War has finally erupted between Ylisse and Plegia when a minor border skirmish erupted into a hostage situation as a Ylissean noble has been captured and the ransom is the most prized treasure of Ylisse, the Binding Shield (Also known as the Fire Emblem).

Meanwhile, back at the capital of Ylisse, Ylissetol, there is screams heard in the night. The next morning a red-haired merchant gathers the Shepherds who remained behind while their brethren waged war…

“Alright folks, I have bad news. Two of our best Pegasus knights were found dead this morning. Someone fired off arrows at them when they were making their rounds.”

Mayelbridwen and Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare are dead. They were (Early Access Graveyard Dwellers)

“Even worse, the bespectacled man with all the scrolls was found murdered too! He called them spreadsheets, but I never got the chance to ask them what that even meant.”

Nate the Lesser is dead. They were an (Early Access Graveyard Dweller)

“So we have a serious situation here, something that can only be the work of Plegian spies! Luckily, the exalt has hired me to help root them out. And it was quite the generous reward if we’re successful! So here’s what we are going to do. We are going to flush out the spies among us by voting on who we think is most likely to be a spy. This is our sure path to victory!”

(This speech did not provide any reassurance among the remaining Shepherds. But it seemed that they had little choice in the matter, as now all of them were suspect)

Soldiers of Ylisse (Town Roles):
11 Shepherds (Vanilla Town)
1 Stalwart Armored Knight (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Inquisitive Mage (Town Cop)
1 Sprightly Cleric (Town Doctor)
1 Red Cavalier/1 Green Cavalier (Town Masons, shared QT)
1 Time Traveling Lord (3 shot vigilante)
Plegian Spies (Wolf Roles):
1 Plegian King (Wolf that reads Town)
1 Plegian General (Wolf Roleblocker)
2 Plegian Spies (Vanilla Wolves)
???? (Unaligned):
1 ????
Mystery Roles
-There will be three mystery roles.
-One mystery role is specifically listed as unaligned. The other two are hidden amongst the town and/or wolf roles. They can still however, have different win conditions than that of the faction they appear to be aligned to.
During the day, players will attempt to determine the scum among them. The player with the most votes when twilight is called will be killed, and their role revealed. If a majority of players vote for a single player, then the day will automatically end upon the majority vote being cast. In the case of a tie, the almighty random number god will determine who dies between the players with the most votes. During the night, the Wolf Roleblocker will act, then the Town Jailkeeper, followed by the kills (all happen concurrently) followed by the remaining night role actions. At the start of the next day, player deaths will be announced, and the dead will have their roles revealed. Roleplaying is encouraged, but not required. You will be required to make some game relevant posts per day, inactive players will be replaced, or if the mod is unable to find a replacement, killed by the mod scoring an unlucky critical hit.

[spoiler title=VT Message] Vanilla Town Message:
You are a Shepherd! (Vanilla town). A proud defender of Ylisse, your only power is your vote. You win if town eliminates all wolves, and all mystery roles that are not aligned with town are eliminated as well. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=Roster]
1. Jam
2. Raven and Rose
3. dw
4. Cop on the Edge-ish
5. Grumproro
6. Ralph
7. Lutair
8. Lamb Dance
9. Lindsay
10. Sic
11. Spooky
12. Otakunomike
13. Owen
14. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
15. Lovely Bones
16. Sagittariuskim
17. Sister Jude the Obscure
18. Goat
19. Spiny Creature
20. Buttersnap
21. MSD
22. Hoho
1. Wasp
2. Emmelemm
3. Demyx
4. Snugs
5. Louie
No editing or deleting posts for any reason.

You have until Friday, 12:00 pm Central to vote. Twilight will be called then, even if the mod isn’t around to do it directly.