Leia’s Birth-Day Thread (1/28)

Today a year ago, I went to pick up Leia (the cat) from the airport, and she has been chilling with me ever since.

“What a coincidence,” you might say, “Leia’s birthday is the same date as when you picked here up?” Why, non-existing stranger, that is not quite the case.

See, Leia was found as a stray somewhere in Madrid. As such, her exact birthday isn’t known and just listed in her passport as the first day of 2017 (from my calculations that means she’s three years old). So I thought I might as well choose the date she came to live with me as her birthday.

And yeah, at the start it was kind of rough on her. Judging from how she acted, she had been through a lot, even without the long journey to get here. The first few days she barely showed herself, and it took quite a while for her to warm up to me. Probably didn’t help that I hadn’t had all that much experience with cats either, let alone with a cat who needed special attention. But patience and kindness can get you through a lot, and now she absolutely feels right at home.


Enjoy your day, and happy posting everyone!