Werewolf 114 – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Day Eight

Mr. Utterson was a lawyer of a rugged countenance, that was never lighted by a smile; cold, scanty and embarrassed in discourse; backward in sentiment; lean, long, dusty, dreary and yet somehow lovable. Most importantly, he had an approved tolerance for others; sometimes wondering, almost with envy, at the high pressure of spirits involved in their misdeeds; and in any extremity included to help rather than to reprove. In this character, it was frequently his fortune to be the last reputable acquaintance and the last good influence in the lives of down-going men. Because of this, and his old friendship with Dr. Henry Jekyll, he took on the task of revealing the truth behind the Board of Governors and cleaning up any mess created by Mr. Hyde. But, also because of this, he never could bring himself to fully confront the evil inside Dr. Jekyll. Even after everything, Mr. Utterson believed that there was some goodness left in his old friend. The two had always cherished one another for a sincere and warm affection. And, besides that, Mr. Utterson had made a promise.

Late one night, while the two men shared one of their late night, private conversations over good wine, the subject of Mr. Hyde had come up, not for the first or last time. Jekyll had pleaded with his dear friend, laying his hand upon the other’s arm: “I only ask for justice; I only ask you to help him for my sake when I am no longer here.” Utterson heaved an irrepressible sigh. “Well,” said he. “I promise.”

This promise led him to investigate any whispers of Mr. Hyde or crimes that fit his strange case. Even after the painful death of his friend, Mr. Utterson continued his search, knowing that others would fall prey to the same intoxicating draw of living free of guilt, free of responsibility.

Until now. Tonight, he was torn down by the person who hated Dr. Henry Jekyll more than anything. Hated him enough to continue killing long after he was dead. Hated him enough to turn into a monster of their own design. Without a conscience, they had no need of a draught to tear their soul in two. It was already torn and mangled. And so, they ended Mr. Utterson’s life without a thought, laughing at the crime.

“Join your precious friend Henry Jekyll in hell!”

Vincent Bellingham (Side) has died. He was MR. UTTERSON (Town Cop).

This is the moment…
This is the day
When you send all your doubts
And demons on their way!
Every endeavor you have made ever
Is coming into play
Here and now, today…
This is the moment…
This is the time
When the momentum and the moment
Are in rhyme!
Give you this moment
This precious chance!
You’ll gather up the past
And make some sense at last!

This IS the moment, your final chance. Find the one responsible or say goodbye forever.

Town Roles:
2 Upstanding Citizens (Vanilla Town)
1 Dr. Lanyon’s Apprentice (Town “Doctor”)

Scum Roles:
1 Secretary of the Board of Governors (Stealth Wolf)
? Converted Hyde(s) (Converted SKs)


The rules in Victorian England are perfectly simple and not at all complicated. During the Day, you will socialize, prove your innocence, and vote. You will have until Twilight to vote to kill one of the citizens that you suspect is responsible for this very strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The citizen who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be publicly shamed and executed for their crimes. If a majority is reached before official Twilight, the Day will automatically end (even if your gloomy narrator is not here to call Twilight). In the case of a tie, the accused will have one more chance to plead for their lives. All citizens are expected to follow these rules, be polite, and to remain silent after Twilight and death. Please read the fine print.

During the Night, the Controlling Mother, Mr. Utterson, Dr. Lanyon, and Mr. Hyde (and possibly Converted Hyde(s)) will choose targets in their personal QTs. The Board of Governors will choose their target in their shared QT.

A message about Mr. Hyde and Converted Hydes: SK(s) cannot target the same person two nights in a row. SK(s) create a new SK when they try to kill a Roled Town player. SKs do not win together, share a QT, or know the identity—or even the existence—of other SK(s). If day killed, Converted SK(s) are described as Vanilla Town. The Doctor can cure Converted SKs and make a player immune to conversion for the night. If a Converted SK is cured by the Doctor, they become Vanilla Town. If the Doctor dies, all hope is not lost. The Stealth Wolf will appear innocent. There are no more secrets. You are who you are, inside. Throw away the façade. Questions can be asked, answers may not be given.

Jailing happens first, then curing, then investigating, and then the killing/converting. If a player is jailed they cannot use their power and/or be killed, investigated, or converted. The jailer can jail themselves. They cannot jail the same person two nights in a row.

Upstanding Citizens (Town) win when the Board of Governors (Wolves) and all Mr. and Converted Hydes (Serial Killers) are dead. The Board of Governors win when they outnumber the Upstanding Citizens and all Mr. and Converted Hydes are eliminated. Mr. Hyde wins when they outlive everyone else, including any Converted Hydes. A Converted Hyde wins whey they outlive everyone else, including other Hydes.

Simple and not at all complicated, right?

Vanilla Town QT Message

You are an UPSTANDING CITIZEN. But you wear a façade, as we all do. Yes, it’s quite true, you know all about wearing a mask. How else is a Victorian to live? You can’t share your true thoughts with the world! They might *gasp* judge you unworthy! And once that happens, you’re out. Sad, perhaps, but necessary.

At the end of the day
They don’t mean what they say
They don’t say what they mean
They don’t ever come clean
It’s all a façade!

To protect yourself from having all of your awful secrets revealed upon your death, you need to get rid of the Board of Governors and that dreadful Mr. Hyde! Before it’s too late, look behind the façade and uncover the truth.

If you find yourself in danger, please know that your only power is your vote. Although you might find some help along the way….if you are a good socialite and read the fine print.


Please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six at least). Your narrator is very sensitive to Victorian customs and therefore has a very low tolerance for citizens who don’t socialize, so you will be labeled an outcast and no longer be welcome in polite company if you don’t participate. In other words, you will be replaced. Remember to read the fine print.

Roleplaying is encouraged but not required. Daily events will take place, with warning, and prizes will be awarded that may or may not aid you in your investigations.

A final word of caution: This game is a risk. An experiment. The narrator is not responsible for any disasters that may occur in this game due to “imbalances” in the universe. The narrator reserves the right to make any changes that will result in a more enjoyable game at any time. By signing up for this game you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this word of caution and forfeit your right to pursue legal action against the narrator. The narrator hopes that you enjoy this game, and that you embrace it for what it is. Remember to be a proper Victorian citizen.

NO EDITING OR DELETING for any reason, including typos.

Directly quoting or screenshotting QT is not allowed.

Remember to have fun! This is a game of murder, but it is still just a game.


    1. Video (Wyman Crabshack) Member of the Board of Governors
    2. Ralph (Bartleby the Scrivener) Controlling Mother
    3. May (Jim Hawkins) “Mr. Hyde”
    4. Louie (Woo Seong) Mr. Hyde
    5. Jude (Madame Helena Blavatsky Lawful Spouse
    6. dw (WRESTLING JESUS!!) Upstanding Citizen
    7. raven (Miss Amelia Fairfield) Member of the Board of Governors
    8. Nate (Dr Jackalope)
    9. hoho (Hinky) Clandestine Lover
    10. Goat (
    11. sic (Hershel Layton) Upstanding Citizen
    12. Mars Five (Famous Explorer)
    13. Tiff (Mina Harker)
    14. Wasp (Melody D’Arkness) Upstanding Citizen
    15. spooky (Samantha Parkington) Upstanding Citizen
    16. emmelemm (Vanessa Ives)
    17. Hayes (Lady Euphonia “Muffin” Pembling-Pembling Estridge Duddington Eustace Clarence Tollington Banger-Smythe, Duchess of Cogs-on-Goggles, Ussex, British West The Moon) Cheating Lover and a Converted SK
    18. Side Character (Vincent Bellingham) Mr. Utterson
    19. sagittariuskim (Carmilla) Upstanding Citizen
    20. April (President Chester A. Arthur) Upstanding Citizen
    21. Gramps (Banana Man) Upstanding Citizen
    22. Cop (Bobby on the Edge-ish) Member of the Board of Governors


    1. snugs
    2. Lindsay
    3. MSD
    4. Owen


You have until Tuesday, 5:00 PM Central to decide who to execute.

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