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AVoCADo GamesCast #57: Walking Unsimulators

Heya, Guacs! Welcome to the first AVoCADo GamesCast of 2020! This one features me, Lovely Bones, Science is Bad, The Kappa, and newcomer Demyx speaking about AGDQ 2020, Walt Disney World, gaming in the twenty-teens, and our predictions for the year and decade ahead. Thanks to The Kappa for his work editing this episode.

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0:15 – Introductions
3:35 – What We Played Over the Holidays
33:25 – Walt Disney World
41:10 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2020
49:50 – Decade in Review: Intro
52:25 – Decade in Review: Fortnite
58:35 – Decade in Review: Overwatch, Lootboxes, and Microtransactions
1:06:15 – Decade in Review: MOBAs
1:15:05 – Decade in Review: Skyrim
1:25:20 – Decade in Review: Minecraft
1:28:05 – Decade in Review: Dark Souls
1:29:05 – Decade in Review: Destiny, Games as a Service, and MMOs
1:52:25 – Decade in Review: The Walking Dead and Episodic Releases
1:57:40 – Decade in Review: Pokémon Go
2:01:00 – Decade in Review: “Walking Simulators” and Indie Games
2:16:20 – Predictions for 2020
2:49:25 – Predictions for the Decade Ahead
3:13:45 – Conclusion