The Monthly Theme Park Thread Spreads the Love

As part of last month’s year-concluding Theme Park Thread, I mentioned that I’d like to talk more about non-Disney parks going forward, but that I sometimes had trouble getting quite as excited about Universal Studios and the like as I did about their competition.

Then I remembered that Universal is building four friggin’ Nintendo parks all around the globe.


The first of these will open this summer in Osaka, followed by Hollywood’s in 2021 1, then as part of the recently announced Epic Universe park in Orlando in 2023, and finally in Singapore sometime after that.

The rides will be different across each park, but one that all four are promised to have in common is an AR-boosted Mario Kart experience.


Other attractions that will allegedly make their way to at least one of the parks include a Donkey Kong Country inspired mine cart coaster, and a family-friendly Yoshi dark ride. Rumors also state that AR will be utilized even in the main thoroughfares of the land itself, perhaps by allowing visitors to look through a pair of binoculars like the ones found in the Super Mario 3D series as well as Super Mario Odyssey.


Because the Osaka location is so close to opening, we have some good construction photos from there!


Coming back to the topic of Epic Universe, Super Nintendo Land’s inclusion in that park was formally announced just within the past week. Another newly confirmed addition is a land based around the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. More information about that can be found here:

Site Plan for How to Train Your Dragon Land at Epic Universe Revealed

Feel free to use this space to discuss all things theme- or amusement park!

Optional Discussion Question(s): What part of Super Nintendo Land are you most excited about? What land would you most like to see confirmed as part of Epic Universe?