To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S03E010: “Fascination”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss general Star Trek things in the comments. 

All screenshots come from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Jake is looking at a bit of jewelry when Sisko comes in.


Jake has worn this shirt a few times now, and I don’t totally hate the colors, but I do maintain that the seams are stupid.

Sisko is surprised to see Jake as he thought he’d be helping Mardah put up the decorations for the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. Jake says this was the plan but he doesn’t have much to be grateful for.

He says he bought the jewelry – an earring – for Mardah, but she’s been accepted to a Science Academy 300 light years away. Jake is not happy about this. Sisko says he’s 16 and will survive and find someone else, maybe even tonight at the Festival, but Jake is not comforted by this.

Sisko says the point of the festival is to put your troubles behind you and make a new start. Jake admits he could use one and agrees to go but says he won’t have any fun.

Bashir and O’Brien are drinking in the replimat. Bashir points out that O’Brien has been drinking a lot of coffee and is nervous and irascible. O’Brien is defensive and says he hasn’t seen his wife and child for two months and that’s why.

Bashir says that he is also looking forward to Keiko and Molly returning, as they’ve had 70 racquetball games in the last two months and he is a poor substitute for O’Brien’s wife.

However, Molly and Keiko will only be visiting for two days, then back to Bajor for four more months. Bashir calculates the number of racquetball games and doesn’t think his elbow can take the abuse. He suggests O’Brien try to convince Keiko to stay, but O’Brien says he can’t, since he’s the one who convinced her to go on the expedition in the first place.

He’s determined to not waste a second of the next two days.


Odo walks through the promenade and comes across Kira, who is working on decorations near the temple. She greets him with “peldor joi,” which I suppose is the traditional holiday greeting. He remarks on how quiet the promenade is at midday, and she says this is the calm before the storm and it will be packed in a few hours.

He says he was thinking of joining them. She is happy to hear of this. He says if he’s going to live with humanoids he might as well immerse himself in their rituals. She says she will make the time to see him despite being the Presider at the festival and says she’ll be with Bareil.

Odo is subtly disappointed and says he thought Bareil would be celebrating on Bajor. Kira says she thought so and is glad she was wrong, but he’s coming on the next shuttle. She goes off to meet it as it’s arriving soon.

O’Brien is absently pacing near the airlock and Kira comes by. They wish each other good luck. The airlock doors open and Bareil comes out.

Kira and Bareil greet each other, say how much they miss each other, and head off together. O’Brien watches them go, along with a handful of other people who exit the shuttle.


Bareil is still just wearing his boring orange robes. Nothing to see here.

Keiko comes through, carrying Molly.


Keiko as usual looks like she’d fit in in the 21st century, with a business-like blazer over a reddish brown shirt, with brown pants. Molly has some sort of bright colored outfit with bright blue pants and a colorful shirt.

O’Brien is glad to see them but Keiko is exhausted and had a terrible trip and is not in a good mood. O’Brien tries to be cheerful but Molly says she doesn’t feel so good and does not react happily when he asks if she’s ready to have a great time with daddy. Then she leans forward and vomits on O’Brien.

Lwaxana Troi appears in the airlock door behind Keiko and says she probably shouldn’t have given her all that candy.


Lwaxana brings the color as always, ensuring that this episode will have some fashion to talk about. Today, she’s gone for a purplish outfit, with a shiny wrap and some sort of headdress thing that matches the brooch in the center of her chest. It’s not something I’d wear, but it looks fantastic.

Keiko just shakes her head.



Odo is in his office explaining things to the Starfleet security guy. He says he drops by Quark’s 3-4 times a day to let Quark know he’s thinking about him, but since it’s a holiday it’ll be busier than normal and they should put a man there full time. He then says that he’ll be on the Promenade if he’s needed.

Lwaxana’s voice interrupts and she says not to call unless it’s an emergency and he’ll be occupied. Odo is surprised by her presence and addresses her as “Madam Ambassador.” She scolds him for being formal and hugs him, giving fake kisses on the cheek. She scolds the Starfleet guy for staring and implies he should leave.


The headdress thing is even more ornate than originally seemed.

Odo asks what brings her to DS9 and she says she’s the Betazoid representative to the Gratitude Festival but also she came to see Odo and calls him a poor sweet tortured man. She says she’s sympathetic to his suffering having discovered that his people are the leaders of the Dominion.

She tells him she’s there to help him. He’s confused. She says she’s offering a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. He says that’s considerate but unnecessary – his people are who they are and he is who he is and he accepts it. She says he’s brave and suggests they go somewhere quiet to talk about it.

Odo says he’s planning to attend the opening of the Gratitude Festival. She approves and says she’ll meet him in front of the temple for the Presider’s Opening address, and promises he’ll never be alone again.

Lwaxana goes to the turbolift and orders it to her quarters, then gets a brief headache.


Meanwhile, Kira and Bareil are reuniting. She sinks into a mattress and says they need to see each other more often, and he leans over her and says he wishes they weren’t busy. They kiss.

Bareil says Kai Winn has made him one of her principle advisers; Kira thinks it’s so she can do the opposite of his recommendation. He thinks the office has changed Winn and the Prophets chose well. He wants to concentrate on other matters.

Kira slips away and says she has to go and prepare for the festival – set up the Renewal Scrolls on the Promenade. Jadzia is going to help her. Bareil doesn’t understand how they can be such close friends. He’s obviously jealous of their friendship and complains about how Kira is spending so much time with Jadzia.


The lighting isn’t good enough to get a great view of Kira’s outfit; we’ll see it in more detail later.

At the O’Brien’s, an obviously tired Keiko sinks into the couch after getting Molly to sleep. She says the medicine Bashir prescribed seems to be working.


Keiko has ditched the jacket, revealing an Asian-inspired shirt with a pattern that reminds me of your grandmother’s quilt. It’s an interesting look.

She says the trip was rough and she thought it would never end. O’Brien says he’s glad she’s home. He wants to go to the festival as the babysitter will arrive soon. Keiko doesn’t seem thrilled about this so he suggests that they spend the day locked in their quarters. She admits she just wants to sleep.

He says she can sleep, she says she’s not going to. She says if she goes to sleep he’ll stomp around sulking and being disappointed and he says it doesn’t matter one way or the other. He wants her to tell him what to do. She says she’s been making decisions and he should decide. So he says that they should go to the festival, but she should relax and change into something nice. Like her red dress.

She’s not thrilled with the red dress as it’s tight. He says he likes it because it’s tight. He says whatever, wear what she wants. Keiko says let’s just enjoy the next two days and agrees to change into something nice and go to the festival.

A kid bangs on a gong and people start walking along the Promenade to the temple.


The kid is wearing an orange shirt with white trim over a pink outfit. It doesn’t look terrible, even though it should.

There are some people juggling lights and balls and some acrobats tossing each other and others just walking.


Interesting view of some of the casual clothing of DS9’s residents and visitors. I like the lady in front here, wearing a beige apron type dress over a long sleeved green shirt.

Kira walks out onto the platform to applause.


We get this view of Bashir wearing casual clothing – a perfectly serviceable mishmash of purple and blue, standing beside Dax, who is showing off her spots.

Kira lifts up two small bottles and says some words in what I guess is Bajoran. Do they turn off the universal translator for this or are these concepts that don’t exist in every language? Anyway, she pours the liquids from the bottles into a tube and they become bright blue and flow down the tube and ignite the fire.

I haven’t figured out if Kira’s outfit is a robe or a dress or a jumpsuit, but it’s an interesting change from her usual outfits. It seems to be made of layers of sheer fabric, folded and draped over what looks to be a red t-shirt.


Above, the O’Briens look down.


Miles has changed into his usual gray pants and blue shirt top (I suppose he has multiples of this outfit or replicated a new one after the original was destroyed by Cardassians) and Keiko looks to be wearing the same pants, but switched to a plain greenish sweater. She looks bored and tired, while he is at least slightly interested.

There is more applause and then Kira picks up a rolled up piece of paper and says she’s going to place the first Renewal Scroll into the fire. She holds the scroll for a minute and explains that while the scrolls burn their troubles should turn to ashes with them.

Then for the next 26 hours they are all supposed to enjoy themselves.

She walks down the steps to meet with Bareil and they walk off together.

Odo and Lwaxana also walk off, passing by the Siskos.

Jake suddenly has a headache. He says he felt funny for a second but now he’s okay. Sisko is assured and leaves his son to his devices while Jake has a stupid happy expression on his face.


Kira and Bareil walk through the Promenade. He seems distracted, like he’s looking for something, but denies it.

Jake comes up and gives Kira some snack thing that looks like popsicles to me.


Bareil wanders away. Jake says he wants to talk to Kira for a second – in private as it’s personal. She tells Bareil she’ll be right back (not that he seems to notice) and they go sit down nearby.

He says he needs some advice – there’s an older woman and he thinks they’re perfect for each other. Kira concludes she doesn’t. Jake says he doesn’t know what she thinks.

Kira thinks he’s talking about Mardah and says to tell her how he feels. He says they broke up. He asks who he’s talking about. “You,” he says, “I love you Nerys. Want to go out with me?”

Meanwhile, Jadzia is talking to Morn.


She’s gone with a pretty low-cut sleeveless dress in a nice shade of purple, with huge shiny earrings and a complementary bow/hair tie.

Dax says Morn is handsome and fun loving and it’s hard to believe he could have so many problems. He has written down his problems on a piece of paper – she says to burn it as quickly as possible and don’t look back.

Morn puts the paper in the fire and leaves.

Bareil comes over and sits beside her, complimenting her on her advice. Dax says it’s good to see him. He says she has a wise and generous spirit and he wishes he had a friend like her.

Dax says she considers him a friend. He is surprised and glad. He says he was hoping they could get to know each other a little better…a lot better. He puts his hands on her knee.


She’s wearing what I suppose is described as leggings beneath her dress. I wonder if there’s a practical reason for this or if the producers just didn’t want her to show too much skin.

Dax is speechless, then excuses herself and leaves.

On an upper level, Odo is enjoying some music, swaying gently.


The musicians aren’t dressed terribly flamboyantly, although the woman percussionist has open sleeves. The percussion instrument is sort of like a xylophone made out of wood; there is also a woodwind player with something like a flute and a strings player with something like a lute. It makes a pretty pleasing sound all together.

Lwaxana grabs him to dance. She says she loves Bajoran music as it is intelligent and vital like he is. Odo says he doesn’t dance. She says this is nonsense and he was moving to the music. He says that wasn’t dancing, it was swaying. She says then he should sway with him.


Lwaxana has changed outfits, and is now in an orange dress with black beaded bodice. The fabric is kind of twisted/braided in various spots. I wouldn’t have picked orange, but it’s not terrible on her.

Odo says he’s needed in Security and starts to leave, so Lwaxana tags along. He runs into Dax and asks if she’s having a good time. “No,” she says. He grunts in agreement and leaves. Dax seems to have a headache for a moment, then it passes.


Quark, dressed more fancily than usual, is hawking genuine latinum-plated Renewal Scroll inscription pens blessed by Vedek Redab before he passed away and engraved with “Deep Space 9’s Third Annual Grattitude Festival,” the date, and a portrait of the station.


I’m always excited by a new Quark outfit, and this one is more ostentatious than I could have ever hoped for. The jacket is like a bright rainbow of blue and pink and the pants a dark red that, in their subdued glory, manage to compliment the explosion of color on the top. I can’t say I love it, but it’s definitely earned a place in my top five list of Quark outfits.

Inside, the merriment continues. Odo and Lwaxana watch some jugglers and acrobats.

On an upper level, Keiko and O’Brien sit at a table.


He proposes they go walk around the Promenade, but she wants to stay where the are, and says she actually kind of misses Quark’s – the noise, the excitement, their table. He admits he hasn’t sat there since she’s been gone.

He then asks how the survey is going. The terrain is rough and the ecosystem is more diverse than they tought and it’s pretty grueling. She’s enjoying it though. However, the project looks like it’ll take longer than expected. Every valley has a different ecosystem so it’s more complicated than expected.

O’Brien asks how much longer – days, a few weeks? She admits more like two or three months. Which would be a total of seven more months. He’s not happy and wonders if they should find another botanist. She asks if he’s asking her to resign. He says no.

Keiko says she’s not happy about it either. He points out she just said she was having a good time. She asks if he’d be happier if she were miserable? He says no. She says that she shouldn’t have mentioned it, and her colleague Sebarr said she shouldn’t talk about it until after the festival.

O’Brien is clearly jealous and wonders why this guy is giving his wife advice. She says he’s a friend. He says he thought they were working. She says they are. He says with time out for intimate chats about their relationship and wants to know what else she’s told him.

Keiko says he’s being ridiculous and asks what he wants her to say. He says he wants her to say that she’s not going back and she’s staying with him. She says she doesn’t want to sit at the same table with him right now. He tells her to leave and go back to Bajor and her plants and Sebarr and see if he cares. She leaves.

Jake is on the Promenade. He weaves in between the crowds and runs into his dad, who reminds him they’re hosting a dinner and he needs his help. Jake says he’s busy and needs to find someone.

Sisko guesses that it’s Kira as he just spoke to her. Jake wants to run off and find her, but Sisko reins him in. Jake asks if Sisko doesn’t like Kira? Of course he likes her! Well, so does Jake. Sisko tries to explain that he’s just feeling a crush.

He leads Jake to a bench and tries to explain that this is temporary and he’s just feeling this way because he’s heartbroken about Mardah. Jake says that Mardah was a mistake as she was too young and immature for him. Kira is a woman.

Sisko says that Kira is involved with Vedek Bareil. Undaunted, Jake says this won’t last as Bareil is always on Bajor and Kira needs someone who’s always around, like himself. Sisko says he doesn’t want Jake to get hurt. Jake says he appreciates that but everything is going to be fine and leaves, leaving Sisko confused and alarmed.


At Quark’s, Laxwana has gotten Odo one of the commemorative pens that Quark was selling. Odo tries to refuse the gift but she says she wants him to have it. He says he has nothing to give in return, but she says being with him is the only present she needs, and urges him to go write their Renewal Scrolls.

Meanwhile, O’Brien takes a seat at the bar, complaining of a headache. Quark gives him a free commemorative pen so he can write down all his problems on a scroll. O’Brien says there isn’t a scroll long enough for all his problems.


Adding to the majesty of his outfit, Quark has added a Bajoran style earring. It makes me think – since Ferengis find ears their best features, it’s kind of surprising they don’t wearing earrings regularly. But I guess they’d also think it was too feminine.

Quark says he thought O’Brien could sum them up in one word – Keiko. O’Brien doesn’t deny it. Quark thinks O’Brien shouldn’t have let Keiko go to Bajor in the first place.

O’Brien asks what he was supposed to do – force her to stay? Quark says this would be a good start and hu-mans never learn that letting their women go out wearing clothes and having jobs is why their marriages fall apart. O’Brien is skeptical that treating women like property is the answer, but Quark points out that Ferengi husbands and wives never argue. No divorce, no broken homes, just conjugal bliss. O’Brien wonders why he’s single.

Quark says he hasn’t met the right woman yet. O’Brien says he has; she just walked out the door. And out of your life, Quark points out.

“Not if I can help it,” O’Brien says, and gets up.

Kira is studying a flame in what I think is the temple and Bareil walks past.


Her outfit is indeed a dress.

She is happy to see him and wonders where he’d gone off to. She hugs him and tries to get him to kiss her, but he’s reluctant, saying that people will see them. She says everyone else is on the Promenade and they’re alone.

She says they have two hours until they have to meet Sisko for dinner so they can be alone together. He declines saying he has to find Jadzia. Is there something wrong? Kira asks. No, he admits.

Why is it so important that he see Jadzia? He says he’ll explain later, then starts to walk away. He pauses to say thinks for being such a good friend, and then leaves.

Dax is setting the table for the evening’s dinner as Sisko comes in with some flowers. He’s surprised to see her and asks if she wouldn’t rather be celebrating on the Promenade? She says no as she doesn’t want to run into Bareil.


Sisko is wearing his almost-Dad outfit, with a vest that would be normal if it didn’t have a square neck. Seriously, if it was a v-neck it would look like an ordinary vest, but now it’s this weird square thing and I don’t know what’s going on. Also the blue shirt underneath is kind of skin-tight and it makes me vaguely uncomfortable.

Sisko asks if there’s a problem and she says he can’t keep his hands off her. He says this doesn’t sound like Bareil. Dax says she was also surprised but he wouldn’t leave her alone and is probably still looking for her.

He asks if she’s told Kira, and Dax admits she doesn’t know how. Sisko says that someone has to tell her and asks if she’d like him to do it. He says if she thinks it’s the best way to handle it. She says it’s weird – how could she be interested when they both know it’s always been Sisko.

She gets down on her knees and puts her head on his chest and starts rubbing her hands on him, leaving Sisko stammering and speechless. She says he smells wonderful.


He starts laughing and says that he almost believed the joke. She starts laughing and says he doesn’t need to be coy. She then suggests that they cancel the dinner and spend the night together.

Sisko calls Bashir and asks him to meet him in the infirmary immediately.

Bashir says that Dax’s life signs and everything is normal. Dax says she told them that and laughs about it. Bashir thinks they’re victims of a practical joke.

Dax drags Sisko out of the infirmary.

Out on the Promenade, Dax playfully scolds Sisko for making her go through all those tests and says that if she didn’t love him so much she’d be mad at him.

Kira is hiding out and feeling glum in the temple. Jake says she looks like she could use cheering up. She says to do her a favor and leave her alone, then leaves. He is speechless but not discouraged.

Molly is playing with some colorful stuffed toys. O’Brien comes in and sees her in the living room. She confirms she’s feeling better. She says that mommy is in her room feeling sad.


Molly appears to be wearing a red onesie, so I’m guessing this is pajamas.

He gets her to go play with the toy in her room and goes to talk to Keiko. He asks if he can come in. She says not now so he talks through the door.

He says she’s right and when he doesn’t get his own way he can be selfish and childish and pigheaded and he said some stupid things and he wishes he could take them back. He says even if he can’t he loves her – always has and always will and says he’s left a letter of resignation on Sisko’s desk and he’ll go to Bajor with her and back to Earth if she wants, he just doesn’t want to lose her.

Then he asks if she heard him. She says yes and she needs time to think, and he should go to the party with Sisko and they’ll talk when he returns.

Lwaxana, Odo, and Bashir are walking arm in arm down the hall and they meet up with Kira, who is walking the wrong way. She says she’s not going to the party because Bareil will be there. Odo says he though they were very happy together.

She said she thought so, too, but apparently he prefers Dax, and also Jake is chasing her around professing his undying love. Bashir says this is strange and tells the story of Dax and Sisko coming to see him.

Kira asks if he’s sure, as people are acting very strange. Bashir agrees he should take another look at Dax’s test results and asks Odo to tell Sisko he’ll be a bit late. Odo agrees and he and Lwaxana walk off.

Bashir gets a sudden headache and says he should get to the infirmary. Kira also gets a sudden headache and starts to walk with him, wondering if he should examine Bareil and Jake as well. Bashir agrees this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

They enter the infirmary and then, for the first time, look at each other. Then they rush into each other’s arms and begin passionately kissing.

Sisko’s party has begun. Lwaxana is obsessed with trying to figure out what’s wrong with Odo, who claims that nothing is bothering him. Bareil leans over Dax and continues sniffing her. She says she’s not interested and walks away.

Jake is anxious because Sisko said Kira would be there and keeps calling her Nerys, which Sisko doesn’t like. Dax pats Sisko on the ass (pinches him maybe?) as she walks by.

Lwaxana notices the action and says she didn’t realize Sisko and Dax were that close. Sisko says they’re not. He tries calling Bashir but Bashir doesn’t respond. The computer informs him that Bashir is in the infirmary, so Sisko tells Odo to go and get him. Lwaxana of course wants to tag along.

In the infirmary, Bashir and Kira are still necking. He wonders off-hand what Sisko might have wanted, and she says it can wait.

Odo and Lwaxana enter and are surprised to see this. Odo says that Sisko needs to see Bashir. Bashir says to tell him he’ll be there shortly. Odo insists now, so he and Kira reluctantly separate and walk past them to exit the infirmary.


Back at Sisko’s party, Bareil wants Sisko to step aside so he can talk to Jadzia. She doesn’t want to speak with Bareil and in fact is standing behind Sisko and running her hands all over his chest and shoulders. Bareil wants to give her a Bajoran betrothal bracelet.

Dax asks if she can see that, takes it, and then runs off.

Bashir and Kira enter, all over each other. Undaunted, Jake wants to talk to Kira. Sisko says that he needs Bashir’s help – Bashir says he needs Sisko’s help to get Kira away as he can’t keep his hands off her. She agrees she can’t keep her hands off Bashir.

Sisko is speechless.

Odo comes in and admits to Sisko he can’t explain it either.

Jake goes to sit with O’Brien, having realized that Kira doesn’t love him. O’Brien is surprised and then says he’s better off as they only break your heart. Then he says that sometimes it’s worth it as he gets up and sees Keiko come in, wearing a red dress.


Much like Dax, Keiko is wearing leggings with her dress, these in the same color as the dress. It’s pretty low-cut but doesn’t otherwise seem too tight. Also, the hem is on an angle, which is an interesting style choice.

O’Brien says she looks beautiful. She asks if he meant it about giving his resignation and says he should get it back but it was nice of him to offer. She kisses him and says she loves him a lot.

Quark comes in with some desserts and sees all the couples making out and is amused.

Dax tries to give Sisko Bareil’s betrothal bracelet. Bareil is upset by this and punches Sisko in the face. Sisko tries to talk reason with him and blocks several punches from Bareil, then Dax steps in a punches him, knocking him to the floor. She then apologizes to Sisko, saying Bareil was starting to annoy her.


Surprisingly, this does not make Bareil more interesting.

Quark sees Bareil spread out on the ground and says that Sisko throws one hell of a party. He offers pudding to everyone.

Keiko offers assistance to Bareil as he gets up slowly, moaning in pain. Quark gets Bashir’s attention as he walks around. Lwaxana refuses a pudding, and then both she and Quark experience sudden headaches.

Dax wants a pudding. Quark hands her the tray and notices Kira kneeling by Bareil. He puts his arms on her shoulders and says to forget about him, as he needs her and his ears tingle at the sight of her.

O’Brien grabs Quark by the ears and says she’s taken. The two are about to get into a fight and then Sisko stops them and says Quark doesn’t know what he’s doing. He looks pointedly at Lwaxana, who claims innocence.

In the infirmary, Bashir has discovered that Lwaxana has Zanthi fever, despite the fact that it only affects older Betazoids.

He explains to Sisko that it’s a virus that affects the empathic abilities of…mature Betazoids. It causes them to project their emotions on to others. Sisko concludes that her amorous feelings for someone on the station were passed along to some people around her – only people who were nearby when she had an attack, and there had to have been some preexisting latent attraction.

Sisko concludes that Dax… Bashir says it’s a subconscious thing and he’s better off not thinking about it too much.

Lwaxana apologizes and says she hopes she didn’t cause too much trouble. Bashir says that some antivirals will cure her and everyone else will be back to normal in a day or two.

He wants to run off and meet Kira in her quarters, but Sisko says he should postpone the meeting for a day or two. Bashir sighs.

Sisko updates his log to say that Bashir’s conclusion was correct – everyone affected by Lwaxana’s condition has made a full recovery.

Odo escorts Lwaxana to her ship. She says that it’ll be gratitude festival that no one will forget and also says she hopes that things work out with him him and Major Kira. Odo doesn’t know what she means but she says his secret is safe with her. She says she knows what it’s like to be attracted to someone who doesn’t feel the same way. She also says if he gets tired of waiting for her…and then kisses him and says he knows where to find her.

He says he’ll keep that in mind and watches her go.

Keiko and Molly say goodbye to O’Brien at the airlock.


Keiko is back in business-like attire, with a light blazer and a light colored shirt. Molly has an adorable pinkish outfit.

He assures her that his headache was just a headache and he wasn’t affected by Lwaxana. She says this must mean he doesn’t have a latent attraction and he says it wasn’t latent and they do some more flirting and then kiss. Then he says good-bye to Molly and asks her to take good care of mommy.

Keiko then says that they’ll see him in a few months, and they pass through the airlock to leave.

Bashir tosses O’Brien a racquet and a ball and they head off to start another match.

Stray Thoughts 

* This week’s Netflix description: “the Bajoran gratitude festival, an annual celebration, is about to get underway, and both Kira and O’Brien await the arrival of their loves.”

* Parts of this episode were extremely silly and ridiculous. The furious making out between Bashir and Kira, Jake’s single minded pursuit, Dax’s fondling of Sisko but playing it off as a joke – all this was just ridiculous. And everyone really should have figured out that Lwaxana was somehow related to all of that as soon as people started acting funny. Empathic person on the station and people start acting weird? No, that wouldn’t be connected.

* That said, I didn’t totally hate it. The whole thing kind of feels like someone really wanted to see a couple of weird pairings, and this was a way to have that happen without worrying about the constraints of characters and stories and existing relationships.

* I sometimes find the O’Brien’s relationship to be really annoying because of how often they fight, but this episode didn’t do a bad job of being realistic. Miles reacts in the extreme when Keiko says her mission is going to be longer than expected, accusing her of having an affair with her coworker, but his reaction is kind of understandable, almost, having such a thing thrown at him suddenly. However, isn’t Bajor like a three hour shuttle ride away? Why can’t they meet up on weekends or something? And their reconciliation was nice, and their subsequent flirting sweet.

* Also, I’m glad they didn’t have a jealousy subplot between the O’Briens, with one of them making out with someone else. That would have really derailed the episode into drama.

* Well, one good thing, we got rid of the ridiculous subplot of Jake dating a dabo girl who’s much older than him.