Sports Corner – January 22, 2020

Some teams have rivalries.  The 49ers and Chiefs do not.  But they do share quarterbacks.  Five of them who left the Bay Area for the Midwest, most notable Joe Montana, who was traded to KC to make way for Steve Young and very briefly made the Chiefs good again.  I am pretty sure he will be rooting for the Niners, but he also probably sees a lot of himself in Patrick Mahomes.  (The other four?  Steve DeBerg, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, and Alex Smith.)

But till the big game rolls around…

  • The NHL All-Star Game and related festivities are this weekend.  The game itself is Saturday night, and it’s in St. Louis, coincidentally the home of the reigning champs.
  • The NFL Pro Bowl is Sunday in Orlando, and will probably be as dull as ever.  Unless one of the teams tries out the experimental alternative to the onside kick.
  • Zion Williamson makes his delayed NBA debut tomorrow.
  • The Mets, Astros, and Red Sox might hire new managers.
  • And the lone BBWAA member who didn’t vote for Derek Jeter might explain his or her utter and sheer bullheadedness.  (Congrats to the inevitable Mr. Jeter and the surprising Larry Walker.)

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.