Weekly Who #21 Tom Baker’s Birthday Edition

Tom Baker was born January 20th 1934. He is now 86 years old. His most well known role (obviously) is The Fourth Regeneration of Doctor Who and would later reprise the role for Big Finish in a series of Fourth Doctor Adventure Box Sets and various specials. One of my favorite Doctor Who things Baker was involved with was his original Fourth Doctor novel The Scratchman (Ghost written by James Goss) a really fun horror novel about  The Doctor, Sara Jane, and Harry finding themselves in a Scottish Village beset by evil Scarecrows. Fun Fact: The Scratchman was originally a film treatment also co-written by Tom Baker with Ian Marter.


Outside of Doctor Who Tom Baker had many notable tv roles including a turn as Sherlock Holmes in a 4 part 1982 miniseries, Sea Captain Redbeard Rum in an episode of Blackadder II, and Puddleglum in the 1990 version of The Silver Chair. He also has a long career in voice work (outside of Big Finish.) Of special interest (to me at least) was his role as the powerful Bendu in season 3 of Star Wars Rebels where he lent his voice to a very powerful and very old force wielding creature that Kanen Jarrus seeks wisdom from.

My Top 4 Fourth Doctor Tv Serials:

  1. Robots Of Death
  2. Genesis Of The Daleks
  3. The Brain Of Morbius
  4. The Key To Time