Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Jan. 20

Please welcome today’s contestants:

– Traci, a media executive from California, thinks she got paid for doing a Jeopardy! ad as a five-year-old;
– Matthew, a CFO from Illinois, plays soccer, then drinks beer; and
– Dennis, a bartender from Maine, majored in Sanskrit, which turned out to be a lot of work. Dennis entered the game as a one-day champ with winnings of $21,601.

Traci had a strong round in DJ, but a modest wager on DD3 helped keep her opponents alive as she entered FJ with $17,600 vs. $10,100 for champ Dennis and $7,800 for Matthew.

DD1, $600 – LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE – “Or, the Parish’s Boy’s Progress”, which included picking a pocket or 2 (Matthew won $1,200 on a true DD.)

DD2, $1,600 – THE AMERICAS BEFORE COLUMBUS – In 1500 B.C. people in Central America were processing rubber in a way similar to this process discovered by Goodyear (Dennis won $3,500 from his third-place score of $6,200 vs. $15,000 for Traci. An all-in wager probably would have been the better play in this situation.)

DD3, $800 – LIBRARIES – For her work with libraries & literacy, a promenade outside a library at SMU is named in honor of this first lady (Traci won $1,000 from her total of $16,200 vs. $9,300 for Dennis. Given Traci’s lead, mostly $400 clues remaining and that this was an upper-row clue, this was a good opportunity to try and build a runaway with a bigger bet.)

FJ – CABINET POSITIONS – Of the 4 jobs in George Washington’s cabinet, the 2 that have been filled by women in the 230 years since

For the second straight game, only Dennis was correct on FJ, adding $7,501 to win with $17,601 for a two-day total of $39,202.

Triple Stumpers of the day: Use of the word “folly” in a clue about a Paris music hall didn’t lead the players to Folies Bergère, and no one knew the M*A*S*H star who also directed many episodes, Alan Alda.

Judging the writers: There was a fun theme for the the last three categories of round one, which referenced a classic comedy routine famously performed by The Three Stooges (“Niagara Falls, slowly I turned, step by step…”).

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is “Oliver Twist”?
DD2 – What is Vulcanization?
DD3 – Who is Laura Bush?
FJ – What are Secretary of State and Attorney General?