2019 Snubby Awards: The Nominations

It’s 2019, and we need the Snubbies more than ever! For the uninitiated, this is an annual awards show where Avocadoans vote on the best films and performances unfairly ignored by the Academy of Motion Pictures. The rules are simple: I will post every Oscar category, including three categories celebrating aspects of the craft that the Academy also overlooks: Best Stuntwork, Best Voicework, and Best Casting. Anyone can suggest a film or performance by responding to that category (please list the individual and the movie for acting categories, but you can list only the movie for team efforts like visual effects or if you don’t know who the sound editor was but were impressed with their work.)

Vote for each suggestion (including your own!) with upvotes. The top five upvote-getters will be our nominees. If there are ties for 5th place, we may end up with 6 nominees. If 5 films don’t reach a threshhold of 5 upvotes, we may have fewer than 5 nominees.

Next week, we’ll return to announce the nominees and then vote on them. The winners in each category will be our Snubby winners and will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee.

One change this year: I’m expanding the pool of voters. Besides the voting here on the Avocado, I’m also including the Facebook groups for The Dissolve (the late, lamented film web site founded by AV Club alumni), and Unspooled (a podcast in which film critic Amy Nicholson and comedian Paul Scheer watch and discuss every movie on the AFI Top 100 list). The more movie lovers, the better!

One smaller change, to avoid confusion, I’m going to list the Oscar nominees (who are inelgibile for the Snubby) with each category, instead of a giant list in this post.