The James Bond Jr. Day Thread (1/18)

He learned the game from his uncle, James. What game? I dunno, extreme sports action?

The character debuted way back in 1967 in a series of young adult novels (The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003 1/2) by someone using the pseudonym R. D. Mascott. The series would roar to a comeback in 1991, that weird period in between the Dalton Bond and the Brosnan Bond.

Arriving in animated for was James Bond Jr. (voiced by Corey Burton) and his friends: IQ, the grandson of Q; Tracy, the Girl Friday; Gordo, the totally tubular son of Felix Leiter; Phoebe, who’s basically the Miss Moneypenny; and Trevor, the Draco Malfoy of the whole thing.

While Uncle James was more about tuxedos and martinis, Young James is styling the khaki blazers and pump up shoes that we wore in the early 90’s as it was the style at the time.  He is also accompanied by a catchy theme song best described as Shirley Bassey Lite.

Throughout the series, Bond Jr. would fight the forces of SCUM, Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem. (For as we know, the one thing that unites saboteurs and criminals is mayhem. Get All State.) The organization is led as shadowy figure known as “the Scumlord” (snort), a man who might be none other than Ernst Stavro Blofeld (question mark?) That’s just speculation, though. He certainly employs a lot of the elder Bond’s nemeses. Making their animated appearances are Jaws, Nick Nack, Odd Job, Auric Goldfinger, and a 1000% more racist-looking Dr. No.

Reminder that this design came out in the 90’s, and that Joseph Wiseman was not quite as Sax Rohmer-y.

He’s not the only guy going through a visual overall for the 90’s. Oddjob now is styling a hightop fade, a tracksuit, and a giant gold chain with medallion like he pursued a hip-hop career after the end of Goldfinger. Oddjob is now angrier, louder, and with access to a time machine!

There would be new villains, too. They had punny names like Ms. Fortune, Walker D. Plank, Baron Von Skarin, Tiara Hotstones (???), and Goldie Finger … the daughter of Goldfinger. Shouldn’t that really be Goldie Goldfinger? Bah, I guess I should be wondering why Felix Leiter was raising he son to be a meathead surfer bro. I can only imagine Jeffrey Wright shaking his head in disappointment.

Gotta say that I am impressed that both Goldie and her old man got way into fitness.  Gert Frobe is swole!