Peacock Streaming Service Detailed + Olympics & Premier League Details

I didn’t see any coverage of this but with some big events coming up and the usual issues and complaints in regards to Olympic coverage, I thought it worth raising some awareness. NBCUniversal Comcast has their new streaming service launching this year and put out the main details. Please note this is US-based for now, their presentation did not include what their longterm international plans are.

The service known as Peacock, named after the famous peacock NBC logo, will have a split debut and three different ways to engage with it. Since it’s coming from such a large foundational company, it will have an April 15th, 2020 debut on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 box and Flex video platforms. It’ll then get a national launch as the app on July 15th, 2020.

The versions include:

  • A free, ad-supported one
  • A more robust ad-supported one that will be free to Comcast and Cox Cable subscribers and $5 for everyone else
  • A  no-ads version that is $5 for Comcast and Cox subscribers and $10 for everyone else

With it going into Comcast boxes early and doing some significant promotion tied to Comcast and NBC delivering the Summer Olympics on July 24th, 2020, they’ll have the app in some 24 million homes before the standalone app for everyone else is even available.

The platform will have plenty of original content that will be on it specifically from the back catalog side but also things like the new season of AP Bio. Programming will include 600 movie titles and 400 series, including NBC broadcast mainstays like the Law & Order franchise, The Office and Parks and Recreation; acquired titles like Yellowstone and Two and a Half Men, and a slate of original shows.

For Olympics fans, the service is planning to offer extensive coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, some of it exclusive. Peacock will feature live coverage of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies before they air on NBC in primetime. It will also stream three daily Olympic shows. That lineup includes Tokyo Live, with live coverage of one particularly compelling event from the day; Tokyo Daily Digest, with midday highlights; and Tokyo Tonight, a complement to the primetime show that is designed to help audiences catch up on the day’s events.

And in August 2020, the service will carry 2,000 hours of Premier League coverage, including more than 140 matches that aren’t available on television, as well as clips and replays.

Lastly on the sports side, the Ryder Cup golf tournament will be coming to the service in September 2020.

“This is a very exciting time for our company, as we chart the future of entertainment,” NBCU chairman Steve Burke said in the official press release. “We have one of the most enviable collections of media brands and the strongest ad sales track record in the business. Capitalizing on these key strengths, we are taking a unique approach to streaming that brings value to customers, advertisers and shareholders.”

“Peacock will provide consumers with a destination that goes beyond movies and television, aggregating a variety of content that fans want on one service,” said Matt Strauss, Chairman of Peacock and NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises. “By delivering timely and topical content like breaking news, live sports, and watercooler moments from late night, Peacock is uniquely bringing a pulse to the world of streaming that does not exist in today’s marketplace.”