Job Rants Thread – 1/17/2020 – Number Two


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


I don’t know about you, my fellow Workados, but it has been a week for me. Beyond the usual, job-related chaos, I’ve also been getting over a nice, juicy cold, I just found out my insurance no longer covers my present dentist, and, oh yeah, my boss’s wife went into labor yesterday; throwing me full-force and ass-backwards into the number 2 spot for the next few months.

Honestly, I’m less-nervous about this as I’m trepidatious; as I see myself not so much failing at it as…Flailing at it, if that makes sense. Either way, I’ll probably have more to say about it, next week; for now, a few wishes for luck wouldn’t hurt.

Have any of you ever found yourself in the same boat? With responsibilities suddenly thrust upon you and only the vaguest idea of how to manage? Why not let’s make that a sub-topic this week, and, if that’s not enough, you can of course just let loose with whatever has got you down, this week.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and great weekend. And remember: The Peter Principle exists, and it exists for a reason. May none of us ever find ourselves examples of it.