Weekly Who Number 20 is Looming

This week on Weekly Who after some shocking events taking place at the end of Spyfall Part 2 your intrepid host thought now would be a good time to give a quick explanation on and her brief opinion of Gallifreyan Breeding Engines or Looms

Literal Baby Blankets: Looms and You. First appearing in the Virgin New Adventures Novel Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible Looms are another potential way that Timelords breed and carry on their species. They work by essentially weaving together genetic and time info and putting it together into one complete Timelord. Reports on specifics vary, sometimes it seems Timelords come out of the vats below the loom fully formed as adults, other sources report that Timelords come out as “Time Tots” and have to go through childhood like the rest of us. What is consistent however is that each Gallifreyan great house has their own looms that birth out new cousins periodically. The Doctor gets tied into this whole affair as some sources (Lungbarrow) claim that The Good Doc is a Loomed reincarnation of the mysterious third figure of Time Lord Mythology The Other. (Look for a long winded canon rundown of all three figures in the future.)

Why Is This A Thing?: I don’t really like Looms. For me Timelords are really more of a title you get after finishing your 400 year degree at the Timelord academy on Gallifrey (hence why Ace was considered to be a potential future Timelord in some plans.) There’s also the fact that Looms really don’t mesh (heh) well with other Doctor Who lore. My biggest boon of contention in this regard is the state of The Doctor and Susan’s familial relationship (this is I really don’t like The Other.) The show introduces the two as Granddaughter and Grandfather with numerous future doctors making offhand or direct reference to being a parent. If all Timelords from the same house are just vaguely related cousins who all (usually) come out as full adults from birth there isn’t much room for family dynamics.

Anyways those are my just my thoughts on Looms and if you really dig the concept that is great and I look forward to reading about why in the comments.