Sports Corner – January 15, 2020

So let’s start with something you might have missed: the WNBA and the WNBA Players Association have reached a landmark contract agreement.  Changes include higher base salaries, better travel accommodations, and maternity leave with full pay.  There is a long way to go till the women have the same earning power in the US as the men, but this will help players to at least earn enough that off-season play elsewhere in the world will be less tempting, allowing more of a true off-season, in turn helping the quality of the sport.  And this was reached without a labor stoppage of any sort, suggesting that the WNBA understands the issues at stake.  Congrats to everyone who made this happen.


  • LSU makes mincemeat of Clemson and wins the CFB title
  • MLB disciplines the Astros for electronic sign stealing
  • Bill O’Brien somehow coached the Texans into blowing a 24-0 lead
  • The Milwaukee Bucks are sneaky good
  • Ray Shero is not.

All sports welcome as ever.