Werewolf 114 – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Signups

In each of us, there are two natures. If this primitive duality of man—good and evil—could be housed in separate identities, life would be relieved of all that is unbearable. It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling….

This was the proposition presented by Dr. Henry Jekyll to the Board of Governors several months ago. The response was what led to our current predicament. Shall we watch the scene unfold?

General Glossop: Jekyll, you’re all talk an’ no result!…

Sir Archibald Proops: What’s all the mystery? Much ado about nothing, if you ask me…

Lady Beaconsfield: You’re the laughingstock of your profession and polite society! The mad scientist!

Bishop of Basingstoke: And what if you’re right, Jekyll? And you do manage to separate Good from Evil…what happens to the evil? The whole thing’s un-christian, barbaric and odd! You’re playing with fire when you start to play God!

Mr. Simon Stride: By five votes to none – with one abstention – Proposition 929 is rejected. Thank you for your time, Dr. Jekyll. I’m so sorry, Dr. Jekyll. What a really rotten shame! I so hope that what has happened won’t destroy your precious name!

But behind the façade, Simon Stride, Secretary of the Board of Governors, was thinking something rather sinister.

Henry Jekyll, I despise you! But there’ll come a day, not so far away when you’ll not only pay, you will pay all your life!

But Simon was not the only one who sought revenge. Dr. Jekyll, left with no other choice, experiments on himself. The result: Mr. Hyde. The reward: the deaths of all but three of the Board of Governors. The cost: Dr. Jekyll’s soul. But how you to know who is Jekyll and who is Hyde before it’s too late? The Board of Governors will stop at nothing to find and kill both; they care not for presumed innocence or “proof”. Everyone is your enemy because everyone seeks to reveal all of your secrets. Still, you smile politely at everyone you meet in the street. Revealing no fear. After all, you have a reputation to protect. Surely you have no secrets and therefore nothing to fear, yes?

Town Roles:

12 Upstanding Citizens (Vanilla Town)
1 Controlling Mother (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Mr. Utterson (Town Cop)
1 Dr. Lanyon (Town “Doctor”)
2 Clandestine Lovers (Town Shared QT)

Scum Roles:

3 Members of the Board of Governors (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Secretary of the Board of Governors (Stealth Wolf)
1 Mr. Hyde (Original SK)
? Converted Hyde(s) (Converted SKs)


The rules in Victorian England are perfectly simple and not at all complicated. I’m quite confident that you know them already, but I do like to be thorough. During the Day, you will socialize, prove your innocence, and vote. You will have until Twilight to vote to kill one of the citizens that you suspect is responsible for this very strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The citizen who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be publicly shamed and executed for their crimes. If a majority is reached before official Twilight, the Day will automatically end (even if your gloomy narrator is not here to call Twilight). In the case of a tie, the accused will have one more chance to plead for their lives. All citizens are expected to follow these rules, be polite, and to remain silent after Twilight and death. Please read the fine print.

During the Night, the Controlling Mother, Mr. Utterson, Dr. Lanyon, and Mr. Hyde (and possibly Converted Hyde(s)) will choose targets in their personal QTs. The Board of Governors will choose their target in their shared QT.

A message about Mr. Hyde and Converted Hydes: SK(s) cannot target the same person two nights in a row. SK(s) create a new SK when they try to kill a Roled Town player. SKs do not win together, share a QT, or know the identity—or even the existence—of other SK(s). If day killed, Converted SK(s) are described as Vanilla Town. The Doctor can cure Converted SKs. If a Converted SK is cured by the Doctor, they become Vanilla Town. If the Doctor or Mr. Hyde die before day three, special things may happen. There are other secrets that you will discover.

Simple and not at all complicated, right?

Please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six at least). Your narrator is very sensitive to Victorian customs and therefore has a very low tolerance for citizens who don’t socialize, so you will be labeled an outcast and no longer be welcome in polite company if you don’t participate. In other words, you will be replaced. Remember to read the fine print.

Roleplaying is encouraged but not required. Daily events will take place, with warning, and prizes will be awarded that may or may not aid you in your investigations.

Comment below to sign-up!

A final word of caution: This game is a risk. An experiment. The narrator is not responsible for any disasters that may occur in this game due to “imbalances” in the universe. The narrator reserves the right to make any changes that will result in a more enjoyable game at any time. By signing up for this game you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this word of caution and forfeit your right to pursue legal action against the narrator. The narrator hopes that you enjoy this game, and that you embrace it for what it is.


  1. Captain Video
  2. Ralph
  3. May
  4. Louie
  5. Jude
  6. dw
  7. raven
  8. Nate
  9. hoho
  10. Goat
  11. sic
  12. Mars
  13. Tiff
  14. Wasp
  15. spooky
  16. emmelemm
  17. Hayes
  18. Side Character
  19. sagittariuskim
  20. April
  21. Gramps
  22. Cop


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  4. Owen