The Debates: This is it. This is the Beginning of the End

This is it. The end is nigh. We got 6 people debating tonight, Joe Biden, Bernard Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Amy Klobuchar. Several including Cory Booker and Marianne Williamson have dropped from the race. Yang, despite a lot of polls showing him being more popular than Steyer and Klobuchar, didn’t meet the requirements. Does Yang suck? Yeah. But it also sucks that the most popular POC running right now can’t get a spot when two white people with weaker numbers (to Klob, its close but it tends to lean in Yang’s favor, and to Steyer, its not even funny how much Yang is doing better) can. So expect to hear a bit of a ruckus in the coming days.

But in other news, Vermin Supreme is currently in the lead for the Libertarian party, having won the New Hampshire Primary. He might be a joke candidate selling furry porn clothing on his campaign website, but his win is not a joke. He actually got the votes.

So…… That’s all I got. Remember to tip 15-20%.

Remember to be pleasant to each other and try to avoid starting a pissing match. It might give Joe the idea to have a literal one.