WW113 Louperté, Égalité, Fraternité: Le dernier jour (La Terreur)

“Let’s make Terror the order of the day.”

Bertrand Barère, of the Committee of Public Safety

It was the goal of Robespierre, the head of the ruling Comité de Salut Public, that France emerge from its dark times as a new Republic of Virtue.  To that end, the calendar was reset to a new Year Zero, to commemorate the new French Republic, and a new Revolutionary Calendar was implemented, completely different from the Gregorian.  The Committee knew that the chief danger was that the forces against the revolution were legion:  The British continued their fight against France, and the rest of Europe was actively hostile to the Revolution.

In the Vendée, pro-Monarchist uprisings had to be violently quelled, and throughout the countryside, the Catholic peasantry reacted furiously to the Republic’s hostility to the Church.

Amid all this craziness, Randall getting quite tired of all this mess.  He and his mates had robbed a few people, sure, amassed some riches.  But now it was high time they were on their way, he thought.  “Come on lads!  I’ve got the map here.  Maybe it’s off to visit Mansa Musa in Timbuktu, get him to share the wealth?”

When the Scarlet Pimpernel entered the house an hour later, all there was left was emptied bottles of alcohol and an inscribed toast:  “Here’s to stinking rich!”  The Pimpernel just shrugged.

Robert Post’s Child (The Time Bandits) has been removed from the game.  He was Jean-Paul Marat (Town Vigilante)

In response to this, Robespierre and his allies determined that the French would be made to be free, to quote Rousseau.  Those who opposed the Committee, opposed France.  The victims of the next months would include many former allies of the Jacobins and the Revolution.

De Gouges

Proto-feminist author Olympe de Gouges favored leniency on the King, and was executed on 3 November 1793


Georges Danton was seen as a dangerous rival to the Jacobins and executed on 5 April 1794


The Marquis de Lafayette was disgraced for the accusation that he’d aided the Bourbons in the flight to Varennes.  He fled France ahead of arrest but was imprisoned for five years in Austria.  He retired from public life afterward.

In total, some 40,000 French people were executed in the year or so which made up the Reign of Terror.  Accounts differ on when it began, but agree that it ended on the execution (by guillotine) of Robespierre in July of 1794.

After the Jacobins, a group of five older, moderate men took over the government of France, the Directory.  They were not the most exciting of rulers, but they were competent for the most part and allowed the French to recover from the trauma of the Terror.  The Bidens of their time.

Twilight shall be on Tuesday, 24 Nivôse 228, at 8PM EST . With 3 players left, 2 votes for a single player (or “no kill”) will trigger Early Twilight)



  1. Owen (Marie Tussaud)

  2. Spookyfriend (Monsieur Falcon)

  3. Goat (Phillipe de Chèvre)



  1. Hohopossum (Jean-Luc Picard) (Vanilla Town)
  2. MacCrocodile (Croc Monsieur) (Vanilla Town)
  3. Raven and Rose (Pepe le Pew) (Vanilla Town)
  4. Sister Jude (George Sand) (Vanilla Town)
  5. Captain Video (Benjamin Franklin) (Town Jailer)
  6. The Wasp (Julie d’Aubigny) (Wolf Daykiller)
  7. Sic Humor (Jacques de la Varenne) (Town Doctor)
  8. The Hayes Code (Barbarella) (Wolf Spy)
  9. Nate the Lesser (Muzzy) (Vanilla Town)
  10. Mayelbridwen (Miss Clavel) (Wolf Recruiter)
  11. MSD (Count da Money) (Town Investigator)
  12. Miss Rim (Marie Calvet) (Vanilla Town)
  13. Mars 5 (Useless Fop) (Vanilla Town)
  14. Gramps (Racist caricature) (Vanilla Town)
  15. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare (Le Lapin d’or de Tiff Aching) (Town Martyr)
  16. Emmelemm (Milla Jovovich) (Wolf Roleblocker)
  17. Robert Post’s Child (The Time Bandits) (Town Vigilante)
  18. Snugglewumps (Remy) (Vanilla Town)


16 2 Town

  • 11 3 Vanilla Town (Citizens)
  • 1 Town Jailer (Georges Danton)
  • 1 Town Doctor (The Bishop of Digne)
  • 1 Town Investigator (Maximillien Robespierre)
  • 1 Town Vigilante (Jean-Paul Marat)
  • 1 Town Martyr (Sydney Carton)

4 0 Wolves (Counterrevolutionaries)

  • 1 Wolf Recruiter (Marquis de Lafayette)
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker (Olympe de Gouges)
  • 1 Wolf Spy (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • 1 Wolf Daykiller (Charlotte Corday)

1 Serial Killer (The Scarlet Pimpernel)


Any and all active players may keep spreadsheets of info during this game, and post them on the OT.  However, once a player has become inactive, they are to stop updates.