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The Wednesday Political Thread Feels More “Safe”

Uproar and consequences mount for Trump after Soleimani killing

Apparently the biggest uproar on this was it was done to make Americans feel more “safe.”

Even if you are a Trump enthusiast (it’s okay if you want to duck down in the back), are any Americans feeling more safe?  Minorities, no.  LGBT, no. Women, no.  Immigrants, no.  Jewish people? No.  Christians, No.

And every article I read says the Americans that count the most, white males also feel threatened….so who exactly is feeling more safe?

I would and could make the argument that every groups relative safety became more tenuous during Trump’s presidency.  I would argue the Trumps don’t even feel safe.  But that’s the point right?  The fear.  Trump built his political empire with sand, water and fear.  Is it finally starting to backfire or people afraid enough to keep him around?