Musicals Thread (Looking Ahead)

Welcome! The purpose of this thread is to talk about all things related to the wonderful world of musical theatre. Each week (or so) I will post a thread with a topic/question for everyone to respond to. This is also a great place to mention any new musicals you’ve discovered and/or general recommendations for other musical fans. Heard/seen any good shows lately? Have any theatre news to share? Tell us about it!

The thread is back! Sorry about the long, unplanned hiatus. The holidays overtook my life and left me very confused about what day of the week it was. (Basically, I kept forgetting to post this.) So, let’s catch up and look ahead. What’s new in the world of musical theatre? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

For example, the In the Heights movie is coming out this year, and I think it might be really good! I’m not usually that optimistic about movie musicals, but this one seems to be headed in a positive direction.