64 Samosas Sunday Food Thread, 1/5

We spent our Saturday preparing for a meet & greet we’re hosting for a local political candidate. It’s a point of pride for my wife to make as much of the food ourselves rather than just ordering a tray and this isn’t a dinner but just some finger foods both sweet & savory. The 64 samosas in the header picture are the main savory treat, each weighs in at about 32-37 grams or 1.25 oz. We’ll be making some chutneys to go along for dipping and I think have some crudites as well. The sweet will be brownies and blondies with a chocolate top and then the Moravian wafers I always seem to have a brick in the freezer ready to slice and bake a couple dozen. We had fun making the samosas and even sort of fell into a rhythm filling and forming them. So far so good and hopefully that will be a good sign for our candidate.