Avocado Day Thread

The Osaka Monaurail Day Thread (January 4, 2019)

Osaka Monaurail are Japan’s premiere funk orchestra. They have been recording and touring for over twenty five years, and are an electrifying act to see live.

“Formed at Osaka University’s jazz society in 1992, where, in search of an ever-tighter sound, the band progressed from Basie to James Brown. Seeing the Godfather of Soul’s funk template as ‘the gold standard’ for a rhythm combo, they named themselves after the 1975 Funk classic “J.B.’s Monaurail”, appropriating the miss-spelling and setting out to be the ‘new ministers of superheavy funk’ for future generations.”

osaka monaurail in london 1 (april 2012)
Live at the Jazz Cafe in London, 2012

Have a funky day, everyone!