I Can’t Drive 55 Night Thread (1/2)

On January 2, 1974, the Nixon Administration imposed the 55 MPH Speed Limit.

Sammy Hagar can’t drive 55!

According to Song Facts – this song could be considered Hagar’s foray into social awareness. While some rock stars were concerned about the environment or civil rights, Hagar was upset with the lowering of highway speed limits. He had a lot of support for his cause.

I Can’t Drive 55 would be Sammy Haggar’s biggest hit as a solo artist. The song is featured in Back to the Future II,  when Marty makes his way into Hill Valley and encounters the biker gangs and other hysteria in the center of town after returning from 2015.

Today drivers can put the pedal to the metal and cruise at 70 MPH. Thanks Sammy for your diligence!