Box Office: December 27-29

The second weekend of Rise of Skywalker has been worked through and the film had a -59% drop compared to its opening weekend, which is more than hoped for but better than the second weekend for The Last Jedi which dropped -67.5% in its. After doing a $175 million opening weekend, the second weekend comes in at $72 million and combined with weekday showings puts us at $361 million in its ten days since arriving in theaters. It did another $94 million overseas where it’s at $363 million total for a worldwide of $725 million so far.

Jumanji was the big choice over the holiday weekend for people at it did $35 million, which was a rare +33% showing for a film that’s been open for a couple of weeks. It also did another $61 million overseas to bring its worldwide to $472 million. It’ll likely continue to have good word of mouth over the next few weeks.

Of the new films, Little Women opened in third place with a $16.5 million take but had the additional Christmas Day opening to factor in so it’s extended opening is at $29 million.

Uncut Gems operated the same and did $9.5 million this weekend but had an extended opening since Wednesday that brings it to $20 million.

On the animated side, Spies in Disguise opened on Wednesday and largely operated the same, bringing in $13 million over the weekend proper and $22 million since Christmas.

Next weekend sees one film going wide with The Grudge making its new attempt. A few limited opening films over Christmas such as 1917 and Just Mercy are set to go wide on January 10th, 2020.