The 2019 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II

Welcome back, friends, to The 2019 Peely’s, Rough II – a spectacle extravaganza for the dumbest, most upsetting, and just plain wrong in 2019’s pop culture. Now that we’ve gotten a grand total of forty-five categories in place, it’s time to suggest and vote on some nominees. Upvote what you’d like, but let me be clear: voting for multiple nominees in the same category is not just okay, it’s encouraged. Let’s share some something sort of close to love for these luminaries with as many unique and bad candidates as we can find – I wanna see at least five nominees in each field. Here are our list of categories:

The Categories:

  1. Most Disappointing Piece of (New) Pop Culture (Otakunomike)
  2. Most Poorly Narrated, Presented, and Conceived Trailer (Owen1120)
  3. The Judd Apatow Award for Movie that Could have Been 45 Minutes Shorter (upvote moneydog, Pits Winner!)
  4. The Shot-for-Shot Award for Least Essential Revival of an Existing Property (A Dopehead in a Santa Hat)
  5. The Embarrassing Us All Award for Worst Actor (gender-neutral) (Owen1120)
  6. The Malcolm McDowell Honorary Award for Best Actor in a Pile of Garbage (Owen1120)
  7. Worst Line of Dialogue (Owen1120)
  8. The Lootbox Award for Worst New Idea From The Gaming Industry (Lyssie)
  9. Worst Blockbuster (or the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom) Award (Eric Lampton)
  10. The Rock Dog Award for This Should be Direct to Video (kajigger desu)
  11. The Sam Worthington Award For Blandest White Male Protagonist (A Dopehead in a Santa Hat)
  12. The Vulture Capital Award for Worst Squandering of a Website Takeover (kajigger desu)
  13. Worst (Advertisement related; we’re all friends here) Poster (Owen1120)
  14. The EA Spouse Memorial Award for Worst Labour Abuse in the Entertainment Industry (Merve)
  15. The 2019 Foot-In-Mouth Award  (kevzero)
  16. The J.K. Rowling Memorial Award for Worst Retcon (Merve)
  17. The 7 / 10 Award for Most Unremarkable Piece of Media (Merve)
  18. The Bemused Perused Award for Worst Thinkpiece (Wolfman Jew)
  19. The Lurking Red Logo Award for Worst Netflix Movie of 2019 (Wes Lawson)
  20. The Cats Award for Worst CGI in a Movie, Television Series, or Game (Armando)
  21. Not Getting a Wacky Title, the Award for the Worst Thing the Avocado Watched in Full in Rabbit in 2019 (Wolfman Jew)
  22. The Quiet Memorial Award for Most Egregious Fanservice (Sexual Division) (Merve)
  23. The Stormtrooper in Fortnite Award for Most Egregious Fanservice (Non-Sexual Division) (Wolfman Jew)
  24. The That’s So Fetch Award for Worst Media That People Wanted to Make a Thing (kajigger)
  25. The Dinesh D’Souza Memorial Award for Most Specious Argument in a Piece of Pop Culture (Merve)
  26. The “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” Memorial Award for Most Inappropriate Musical Cue in a Film, Series, or Game (Merve)
  27. The Kevin Spacey Memorial Award for Most Unjustified Arrogance (Merve)
  28. The Worst, Most Shoehorned-in Performative “Wokeness” Award (Owen1120)
  29. The Sigh in Resignation Award for Worst Part of an Otherwise Good Piece of Pop Culture (Owen1120)
  30. The “Wow, Serenity Was Kind of Great At Points?” Award for Worst Moment that’s Still Satisfying in a Lizard-Brain Kind of Way (El Santo)
  31. The Doolittle Award for Thing That Most Overstayed Its Welcome (Lyssie)
  32. Worst “Joke” in a “Comedy”
  33. The Unavoidable Award for the Most Overblown Piece of Pop Culture Clickbait (upvote moneydog, Pits Winner!)
  34. The “The Internet Was a Mistake” Award for Worst Fanbase or Fan Behaviour
  35. The Heat Death of the GIF Award for Worst Meme (Owen1120)
  36. Worst Pop Culture Merch (Merve)
  37. The Tragically Ignorant Uncle Award for the Most Accidentally Offensive Thing (Owen1120)
  38. Underpaid and Over-Budget: The Worst Animation Award (Merve)
  39. Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2019
  40. Worst Moral (Owen1120)
  41. Worst Video Game of 2019
  42. Worst Album of 2019
  43. Worst Television Season of 2019
  44. Worst Book of 2019
  45. Worst Film of 2019


So have fun! Though we do request that, if talking about recently released works (most notably but not limited to The Rise of Skywalker), do try to use spoiler tags for plot sensitive material. Also, please refrain from posting until all forty-five of the categories are listed.