Sports Corner – December 26, 2019

My, how things have changed in the last decade.  Oh, the NFL is still king and Tom Brady and Drew Brees are still playing like champs.  And Rafa Nadal is still ranked #1. But we’ve seen the emergence of e-sports; the steady rise in popularity of women’s pro team sports (despite struggles for equal pay and successful leagues); the rise and partial decline of MMA; streaming services like MLB At Bat and NBA League Pass (as well as countless other options for watching sports online); instant reply for all occasions; load management; concussion protocols; and the end of the federal ban on gambling. And of course the dawn of a new era of activism by athletes.

So it’s been an interesting, turbulent, exciting, sometimes frustrating, and ever-unpredictable ten years.  Like any other decade, only now everything is online.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.