Box Office: December 20-22

It’s a rare franchise where subsequent installments do better than the first and even rarer when you’re getting to the ninth film in your series. Rise of Skywalker landed this weekend to close out the Skywalker saga and in its opening three-day weekend it did $175.5 million domestically, making it the third-largest December opening of all-time. And yes, that’s behind The Force Awakens at $247 million and The Last Jedi at $220 million. Fourth on the list is Rogue One at $155 million.

You can find a whole lot of technical talk with multipliers and figuring out where the film will land when all is said and done here. Generally expectations are around $550 million domestic. On the international side, the film brought in $198 million as it opened in 52 markets, about 98%  the global market, which brings its worldwide three-day take to $373.5 million. It has a few debuts left for January in the Asian market.

The new release Cats landed in fourth place with a $6.5 million take and a “C+” CinemaScore that you don’t see too often. Expectations were lessened week after week since the first trailer, I suspect, and when it became a game to make the worst review possible online earlier this week expectations likely plummeted even more.

Lionsgate’s release of Bombshell marks the third new film this week which brought in $5 million in sixth place. It leaned heavily toward women and definitely the over-25 market, so it could have some decent legs if word of mouth works out for it.

Christmas will see the wide release of Uncut Gems from A24 while Fox will bring out Spies in Disguise. Sony is looking to land some traction with Little Women going wide as well. Fathom Events is doing a wide release as well with Friendsgiving Day #2.

1971 is getting a limited release from Universal while Just Mercy is doing the same for Warner Bros. They both go wide on January 10th, 2020.