Marble Rally 2019: Race #7

It’s the seventh race in the 2019 Marble Rally, and tensions are building out on the sand. Fan favourite Red Number 3 holds the lead in the overall standings, but Ghost Plasma is nipping at his heels, and Superball could very well mount a late-tournament challenge for the top spot.

The course starts off with a complicated corkscrew, immediately slowing the pace relative to other sand courses. That makes for a far more technical race, where marbles have time to strategically plan their blocks and passes. Some marbles, like Red Number 3, get physical and jostle their rivals. Others, like Cool Moody, prefer finesse and targeted action. In the end, though, Crazy Cat’s Eye, the marble that dominated most of this race, finishes in first, with Black Knight and El Capitan rounding out the top 3.

Unfortunately, none of those three marbles can win the top spot in the overall standings. Based on points, that privilege is only available to current three best marbles in the standings: Red Number 3; Ghost Plasma; and Superball. However, they can still vie for a podium finish. Let’s see what next week brings.

Stray thoughts:

  • A DNF for H2 Blue. Why is she even trying at this point?
  • Slimer has had a pretty good run for a marble that’s an anagram of Limers, one of the teams that failed to qualify for the Marble League this year.
  • Black Knight has had some disappointing races this tournament, so it was nice to see him get a well-earned silver.

Complete stats for the Marble Rally can be found at the Marble League Wiki.