The Mag the Hag Day Thread Needs Gold Before Christmas or Else it Will Die

So, if you’ve ever watched the Rankin/Bass Christmas special The Leprechauns Christmas Gold , you’ll be familiar with who Mag the Hag is. If not, well….this might be hard to explain.

Basically Mag the Hag is a Banshee, an evil fairy whose tears “bring nothing but luck.” Every year, Mag the Hag must given gold before Christmas morning, and if she isn’t, she will die. Well, maybe not “die” die, but “turn into a river of tears forever” kind of die. Which I guess is still dying.

The plot involves a rather dim-witted sailor who find an island full of leprechauns, and he also accidentally releases Mag the Hag, who has been held prisoner in a tree for the last 100 years. Also, beloved Star Wars Holiday Special icon Art Carney voices the narrator.

Oh, and did I mention this nightmare-fueled image yet?

Have a golden day thread, Avocados!