The 2019 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round I

Welcome, members of the Avocado, to the 2019 Peely Awards! This venerated awards go to the worst in pop culture in the year 2019, and dear lord did we have a lot of that. This field covers all forms of culture, if pop culture most of all, but specifically only from material released officially in 2019.

Now, we divide this into two rounds. This first round isn’t related to the actual nominees; it’s just about putting forth possible categories. The most upvoted ones will be used in the second, when we vote for actual nominees. However, along with them, we’ll have the requisite six awards for the worst film, video game, television show, book, album, and title for an Eric Roberts movie released in 2019. We’ll also choose a few categories that didn’t make that cut that feel especially fun. Share the love, ya know?

So for now, all you got’s to do is put forth a category you think’ll be fun, upvote your favorites, or – better yet – both. I’d ask that you generally suggest categories that are reasonably wide and can reference a variety of works, but anything you think would be fun is valid a choice. If you’re looking for inspiration, maybe check the rounds from the previous years? Also, really do feel free to upvote as many nominees as you like, even when it comes to the next round. I cannot stress enough how not seriously this voting process should be taken.