Weekly Games Thread #2 Is New Here

Happy Thursday, Avocadoans! What games are you playing and what do you think of them? As a bonus prompt, who is your favorite new game character of 2019.

Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s Franchise Festival (the last of the year), where we’ll be covering the history of FromSoftware’s Souls series. The article will include an interview with Bonfireside Chat’s Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield.

As a matter of some quick cross promotion, I’d also encourage you to look out for the debut episode of Franchise Festival: Podcast Edition on January 1 here on The Avocado; I’ll have a website and have it up in all the standard podcast aggregates over the next month, but you’ll be able to hear it here first! Season 1 will be a jaunt through the 30 year history of Zelda.