The Debate Thread: Fuck We Are Still Doing This?

We have lost another candidate since the last debate, Kamala Harris, and her fans have since taking the blackpill

But we are going to talk about KHive’s descent into nihilism, we are here to talk the debate. We got the AVOCADO favorite Warren with the energy of a golden retriever, we got sword owner Bernie, we got the hairsniffer that people keep defending for some reason Joey Biden, we got the spiked park bench that was painted in rainbow colors and gained sentience known as Buttigieg, we got the candidate who’s entire campaign is “Better things are not possible” Klobuchar, we got Yang who’s definitely lying about being a goth in high school and for some reason Steyer is here and I still have no idea what the fuck he is.

Warren and Sanders tag team on Biden, Klob beats Pete with a chair in hopes of feeling the same thrill when she beat Beto with a chair, and for some reason Marianne shows up and is glowing with radiation but she calls it “the power of love”