Sports Corner – December 18, 2019

A tip of the helmet to Drew Brees, on his record-setting night.  He is both the all time touchdown king (at least for the moment, since Tom Brady is just behind him) and the man with the single best QB game in NFL history.  We talk a lot about Brady still playing into his 40s, but sometimes it feels a little like Brees don’t quite his due.  I think this time, he is.


  • The Bucks’ winning streak ends at 17, just before a big matchup with the Lakers
  • Taylor Hall traded to Arizona for not much gain for the Devils
  • No doubt about it: this year’s hot stove league is what we want, and were denied last year
  • College bowl season – 40, count ’em 40 games – begins
  • Tiger Woods leads the US to victory in the Presidents Cup.

Look for the final Sports Corner of 2019 next Thursday.