“Rattlestar Ricklactica” Rick and Morty S4 E5

It’s the Rick and Morty Christmas special, everyone!  Sort of.

This is also the first Rick and Morty episode where the main characters time travel, which was always something I suspected the network wouldn’t let them do for legal reasons due to how transparently they’re based on characters from Back to the Future. (Hence Rick’s being careful to explain when he went to get pizza instantly that he wasn’t time traveling, just grabbing one that was already finished.)  But I guess they can!

Anyway, I suspect people – perhaps people right in these very comments – are either going to love this one or hate it due to the long snake segments with only hissing.  I’m not sure how it’ll hold up on rewatch, but I kind of admire the commitment to not using subtitles, and it’s kinda cool how they were able to tell a story with characters that can’t talk and have inexpressive faces.  Also, snake world is just cute.  Everything’s so tiny!

And that’s the waaaaay the news goes…until whenever they finish the rest. Next year?  See you then!