The Expanse Season 4: Binge-watcher’s Xom

Welcome back to the Avocado’s very own Expanse reviews.  Fo vedi to im gut, koyos!

I’m Louie, and I’ll be your host.  First a bit about Amazon and how I’ll post this season, and then some about where the show left off.  The Expanse S4 is available to you on Amazon Prime.  Link on Amazon. The season is included in your Prime account, if you have one.  Otherwise I’m sure that you can purchase it by episode or by season.  Please do this!  Our dollar votes can help keep the Rocinante flying.  Expanse is one of the only reasons I stuck with Prime through the rate hike and with the… morally problematic Amazon.  I hope our non-American Avocados will confirm that they also have access.

Since the season of 10 episodes dropped all at once, some of you will want to binge.  Power to you.  I can’t do that, though.  So this room will be open for all of you to discuss the season as a whole to your heart’s content.  I won’t be in here, so I leave it to you do develop norms as far as spoilers go, but I’d advise people that this is likely to be unmarked-spoiler territory, so be warned.  That said, I think it would be courteous if you all would mark any spoilers for Expanse books after Cibola Burn.

As I watch episodes, I will drop reviews/recaps/rooms for discussion of those episodes discretely.  I’m hoping for two episodes every two days, but I’ll probably fall behind.  Any who want a more measured pace (or bingers who just want to talk show) are welcome there, but the spoiler policy will be a bit more stringent.

Amazon has a primer for S4, for those of you who need catching up.  If anyone wants a crash-course on the Expanse, please tag me on the Avocado, and I’ll be happy to catch you up.  I got turned on to the series by a Cracked list that said “if you miss Battlestar Galactica check this out.”  So I did and I love it.  It’s Star Trek but if, instead of being all evolved like the good guys in the original BSG, we were all flawed and kind of continued to be assholes, like in the re-boot of BSG.  If that interests you, check out the show and/or the book series by James S. A. Corey (pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck).

But enough selling this to prospective new watchers.  For those of you who’ve been waiting for it:  Enjoy Season 4!!