Comic Book Review – The Crow – Hark the Herald One Shot

For those of you that love both Halloween and Christmas equally, writer Tim Seeley and artist Meredith Laxton team up together for a tale of family, love, and revenge in The Crow: Hark the Herald One Shot.

Brandi and her father have a yearly Christmas tradition of bow hunting for deer in Wisconsin. After bagging a deer, the two go to the local watering hole to eat, drink, and catch up. At the same bar, a group of six friends are enjoying each other’s company. One of the friends gathered named Larry makes a bet with the others that he can drink the brine from a jar of deviled eggs. Larry accidently bumps into Brandi’s dad, interrupting the man’s conversation with his daughter. As Larry apologizes profusely, Larry’s friends grab him and take him back to their table. A snide comment by Brandi’s dad is heard by Larry, which angers him. This chance encounter sets the stage for the rest of the story.

One year later, the six friends reunite at their cabin to celebrate the holidays. It won’t be a merry and bright Christmas as the friends are hunted one by one, haunted by a pact they made the year before. Who will survive and what exactly is hunting them?

Ghosts have played an important role in stories and traditional folklore. A Christmas Carol features three ghosts who show Scrooge his past, present, and future. Tim Seeley, an underrated master of the macabre (in my opinion), has The Crow deliver his (or is it her?) brand of punishment to evildoers this holiday season.

As a fan of the original movie with Brandon Lee, I haven’t read the source material the film was based on or any of the numerous comic book spinoffs. I decided to pick this issue up on a whim since it was a done in one story. I was very surprised with the ending. This is recommended for fans of The Crow and those that like a little darkness in their winter wonderland. If you are expecting a Hallmark movie ending, you will be sadly disappointed. Sorry Every Mom in the Entire World!

This one shot is available now from IDW Publishing with a cover price of $4.99.