Sports Corner – December 11, 2019

Marvin Miller didn’t want to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He considered the Hall to be an extension of management, and also a place where his head on battles with management would naturally be sanitized into something far too civil.  Odds are that he’s right, that his plaque will not say “killed the Reserve Clause” or “Changed how pro sports are run in America” or “was a thorn in the side of Bowie Kuhn and the owners.”  It certainly won’t celebrate the work stoppages that happened while he was running the MLBPA and that steadily gave the players the right to be paid more of what they earned for the teams and the right to be free agents.  So if the Miller family doesn’t show up in August and never comes to see that plaque, don’t be surprised.

But as Miller changed how baseball is run, and changed it for the better, I think he’s certainly earned a spot in the Hall.  Certainly more of one than Bud Selig or Bowie Kuhn.

Also, congrats to Ted Simmons, who also belongs and should have been inducted a long time ago.  And will someone explain why Lou Whitaker still gets no love?


  • The college football playoff is set
  • The NFL playoffs aren’t quite set, but it’s getting closer
  • The NBA playoffs are a long way off, but I think the odds of an all-LA semifinal keep going up.
  • Are the Mets really going to be sold?
  • Fizdale fired, probably with cause
  • Montgomery fired from the Stars for reasons currently unknown

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.