It’s the December 10th Day Thread

Hello, and happy December 10th! Today is fun in several ways.

It is Nobeldagen in Sweden, the day they present Nobel Prizes, which used to come with a special ice cream dish in addition to the prize money.

Nowadays, you’re allowed to eat something else for dessert if ice cream isn’t your thing.

It’s also International Human Rights Day, so it’s a pretty good day for humanity in general.

Some humans in particular celebrate birthdays today, including computational pioneer Ada Lovelace, American poet Emily Dickinson, illustrator Ernest H. Shepard, actor/director Kenneth Branagh, convicted felon Rod Blagojevich, noted internet personality MacCrocodile, tallest living person Sultan Kösen, and former Masked Singer contestant Raven-Symoné, to name but a few. (Technically, some of them don’t celebrate birthdays anymore, but they’re included here because I like them)

Not pictured: Rod Blagojevich, because this isn’t the Politics Thread.

In conclusion, December 10th is a land of contrasts. Have a lovely day, everyone. I’ll be back for my birthday upvotes later.