Comic Book Chat – Special Announcement Plus Weekly Topic

Good morning and welcome to Comic Book Chat!

Special Announcement

The Pits Awards 2019 are just around the corner.

There will be two categories this year *drumroll please*

Kirby Award for Best Comic Book AND Mary Worth Award for Best Comic Strip or Webcomic

Discussion and Voting will take place on Wednesday December 11th, 2019.

This is an early warning for you to start compiling a list for your Top 10 Comic Books and Top 10 Comic Strip/Webcomics of 2019 over the next week. Voting will last until Friday December 20th.

The official post for your power rankings goes live on Wednesday December 11th at 12pm.

As in previous years, Number one gets 10 points, Number 2 gets 9 points…..etc…and so on.

Thanks for staying tuned to this very special announcement and onward to the weekly chat discussion topic…..

Weekly Topic

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Worlds Lived. Worlds Died. Nothing was ever the same again.

I reread Crisis on Infinite Earths over the summer to prep myself for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover.

We will be discussing the crossover, likes and dislikes about the mega event of 1985, and what changes should have stuck for the long term.

Will you be watching the Arrowverse crossover? If so, what are you hoping makes the leap from page to screen?

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