Werewolf 109 – Werewolf: The Musical! Day 2

Everyone was exhausted when the rehearsal came to an end. They had spent three hours rehearsing the high-energy variety number “Jake’s Playing a Tree Again!” Although most of the company members headed over to Sardi’s for a bite and a cocktail, a few stayed behind in their dressing rooms, or wandering the dark wings of the Brooks Atkinson.

Troy McClure was going through the props closet, sorting through the discarded cigarette holders and “River City Junction” signs, looking for items for his upcoming documentary Three Mile Island: Two Too Many Miles? Just as he picked up a creepy-looking Victorian doll, he heard the door close behind him.

Three figures dressed as the ghosts from A Christmas Carol stood before him. The Ghost of Christmas Future looked particularly terrifying.

“Who…who are you?” Troy mumbled. “Show me your Equity cards!”

The Ghost of Christmas Past shook their head. All three moved towards him.

“Non-equity!” Troy shrieked as they began to pelt him with the promise of a living wage.

Troy McClure (April LKD) is DEAD. He was AUDRA MCDONALD (TOWN JAILER).


Andrew Lloyd Webber sat at the rehearsal room piano, still working on his latest song “Pam the Petting Zoo Goat,” when he heard footsteps behind him. He spun around to see an older woman in a gold turban, holding a classic revolver.

“Patti, no! Please, forgive me. I never meant to recast you in Sunset Boulevard, Glenn Close, she tricked me, she put some kind of spell on me…”

In her brashest tones, Patti LuPone looked Lord Webber straight and in the eye and, as the shot rang out, sang “NO ONE EVER LEAVES A STAR!”

Andrew Lloyd Webber (Goat) is DEAD. He was VANILLA TOWN.


Charlie Kelly wandered the bowels of the Brooks Atkinson, confused. What was he doing here? He wasn’t a musical theater person. He didn’t even know what “stage left” was!

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear the faint moans coming from the old vaults around him.


It finally caught his attention.

“Hello?” he said, his voice trembling. “Who is it? What are you saying? Eyes?”

A moment later, the full glory of the theater ghost was exposed to him.


Charlie Kelly (Subsaharan) is DEAD. He was VANILLA TOWN. 


The next morning, the cast shuffled into the rehearsal room, coffee in hand. They began to notice the absences among them.

Suddenly, a cry of “oh my stars!” was heard from Eileen. Ruth rushed over.

“Look,” Ruth said, “the AEA rep left behind a note. See, it says Emma (Spookyfriend) is NOT A WOLF.


CHORUS MEMBERS (11 VANILLA TOWN) – The hardest working people in the show, the chorus members are the glue that hold the whole production together. They may not get to belt out the eleven o’clock number, but they are proud members of Actor’s Equity, and as such they have the power of their vote to attempt to oust the evil understudies in their midst.

PATTI LUPONE (VIGILANTE) – Whether it’s grabbing an audience member’s phone out of their hands during a show or squaring off with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Patti has always been willing to take the law into her own hands. Many years ago, she stole the prop gun from the West End production of Sunset Boulevard. Just a few days ago, Bernadette Peters sent her three lucky bullets as a good luck gift going into previews. She can use up to one bullet per night until all three have been fired in her attempts to eradicate the company of evil understudies.

BETTY BUCKLEY (INVESTIGATOR) – Ever since starring in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Betty has kept her investigative skills honed. She is a master of disguise, and has been known to creep up to actors napping on the Equity cot and rifle through their pockets to determine if they are an evil understudy, or just a normal chorus member.

AUDRA MCDONALD (JAILOR) – Audra’s got six Tony awards, and she keeps them under lock and key ever since the night Judy Kuhn got drunk and tried to sneak one out under her caftan. Every night, Audra can choose one company member to throw in her Tony vault for protection. She cannot jail the same person two nights in a row. She cannot jail herself.


  • CHEYENNE JACKSON (WOLF LEADER) – The leader of the evil understudies, Cheyenne’s a veteran, so if investigated he will read as a normal chorus member (VT).
  • SUTTON FOSTER (WOLF RECRUITER) – Sutton comes from a theatrical family, so once during the game she can summon her less-talented older brother HUNTER FOSTER to join the evil understudies.


Elaine’s back and she’s hungry for blood…and ATTENTION.


1. MacCrocodile – Carol Goddamned Channing

2. Spookyfriend – Emma, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals

3. Mayelbridwen – Ruth & Eileen, Wonderful Town

4. Hoho – King Herod, Jesus Christ Superstar

5. Grumproro – Lucas Steele, Broadway Actor


7. Lindsay – Heather Davis, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

8. Donalbain – Pantomime star

9. MSD – Rod, Avenue Q

10. Hayes – Rapunzel, Tangled

11. Demyx – Rupert Giles, Once More With Feeling

12. Emmelemm – Florence, Chess 

13. DW – Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

14. Owen – Owen, accomplished musical director

15. Lamb – Peyton Hobart, The Politician 

16. Lord Stoneheart – The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera

17. Josephus – Peridot, Steven Universe

18. April – Troy McClureAUDRA MCDONALD (JAILOR)

19. Louie – Poppy, Noises Off

20. Goat – Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of Goats! – VANILLA TOWN

21. Subsaharan – Charlie Kelly – VANILLA TOWN


1. Anna

2. Indy

3. Flubba



You are a member of the Chorus (Vanilla Town), and a card-carrying member of Actor’s Equity. As such, you have only the power of your vote to root out those evil understudies.


Night actions will occur in the order that enables the most actions to go through.

Note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

The Day 2 Trivia Challenge will happen at 11am CST on Monday December 2nd.



Please name the songs and the musicals they belong to without searching the lyrics online. The first person to get the most correct answers wins a special prize. Break legs!

Song 1:

Song 2:

Song 3:

Song 4:

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Song 6: