Popeye’s Pet Thread

Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Popeye, so I figured I’d make a Popeye’s Pet Thread for Thanksgiving, because we are very thankful for Popeye, and thankful to hoho and Hunny Bunny for rescuing him!

Back in August, hoho encountered this blind, scrawny fellow as a stray near his home.


Popeye looked pretty rough but was so sweet that they couldn’t resist him.


Popeye got to come live inside with the hoho herd, and since then he’s thrived. I’ll let hoho take over from here, since he knows Popeye best:

“It was his absolute will to live, against all odds, that saved him. I just gave him what he’d earned. Also, he is hilariously goofy, heart-meltingly sweet, and can make a mess of the bedroom like nobody’s business! It’s usually a good 5-10 minute search every morning to find where he hid my shoes. And inevitably there’s a crinkle toy inside one of them. Oh! Speaking of which, for a little blind dude he is aMAZing at fetch.”

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His vets all love him, and so do we. Hooray for Popeye!