The Night Thread with a fez-wearing turkey face (11/27)

But seriously… how did Monica fit that turkey on her head? Was it supposed to be a real turkey? If so, did she debone it? How could she breathe through all that Turkey flesh? And wasn’t a neat freak like her afraid of the salmonella?

The Thanksgiving episode of Friends, imaginatively titled “The One With All the Thanksgivings”, features several memorable moments. There’s a flashback to the Friends and young 18-year-olds(but lacking de-aging technology, they look five years older than they did in the earliest Friends episodes). Someone tells someone else that they love them. Phoebe reveals that she was a Civil War nurse who lost an arm (in a past life). Chandler loses a toe. Toe-less Chandler, though, did not get a terrifying Funko Pop.

Could it BE any more Funko?

I… kinda want them to make an armless Civil War Phoebe, though.

Fun fact: this moment will always be with me and hanging from a hook in the spare bedroom, as this seminal Friends moment was commemorated on the finisher’s medal from a 2017 10K Turkey Trot.  I ran through freezing rain and strong winds, risking hypothermia, and all I got was a reference to a Friends episode for my troubles.

As they say, fez-wearing turkey faced merch is there for you (when the rains start to fall).