She-Ra Day Thread (11/26)

When I first heard about and saw images from the 2018 Netflix reboot of She-Ra (full title: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power), I was not particularly excited. I didn’t love the visual style (I’ve since mostly come around on that), and it just felt completely removed from the She-Ra I grew up watching.


The thing is, though, the She-Ra I grew up watching wasn’t actually that great, while this new She-Ra is fantastic. It’s smart, funny, and emotionally complex. The characters are nearly all three-dimensional (so to speak), and they grapple with the kinds of things kids worry about (relationships with parents, growing apart from friends, growing up in general) without underselling how hard some of that stuff is, yet remaining warm and light hearted for the most part.

Plus the show is delightfully diverse and, most of all, delightfully gay, without making a big deal about it (it is a big deal, but the show doesn’t treat it as anything out of the ordinary). From couples Spinerella and Netossa (she tosses nets!) and Lance and George . . .

to recently introduced non-binary character (voiced by a non-binary actor) Double Trouble . . .


to Catra’s amazing look at the “Princess Prom” and “just kiss already” energy with Adora. . . .

this show is gay as hell, and it’s awesome.

Plus Wikipedia just told me that Sandra Oh (Castaspella) and Geena Davis (Huntara) voice characters on the show, and that’s pretty neat! Anyway, if you haven’t given She-Ra and the Princesses of Power a shot yet, check it out. It’s wonderful.