“One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” Rick and Morty S4 E3

After a pair of episodes that split them up to follow separate plots, Rick’s Two reunites for one last big score.

This one might not have been as substantial from a character-growth  perspective, but it’s always fun to see an episode just grab some trope and run with it as far as it could possibly go. Thoughts:

  • I thought they were going pretty darn easy on ol’ Elon Musk (I can think of a lot of reasons to avoid him that are quite a bit more specific than the one Rick gave) and surprise, surprise, that’s because it was really him.
  • This isn’t a good episode if Rick getting away with his shit bothers you, since the whole thing is just Rick killing untold billions of people for the purpose of crushing a child’s dreams.
  • I kind of wanted the mid-credits stinger to be a reveal that Morty had set the whole thing up somehow.