The Day Thread Goes Bananas for Gorilla Grodd (11/24)

The villainous Gorilla Grodd made his first appearance in The Flash #106.

A resident of Gorilla City, hidden in the jungles of Africa, Grodd possesses a high level of intelligence and force of mind capabilities.  He can take over other people’s minds with his telepathic powers.

Grodd is a member of the Legion of Doom and has been featured in cartoons (Super Friends and Justice League) and the live action Flash T.V. series on the CW.

His origin on The Flash – “A silverback gorilla that was experimented on by S.T.A.R. Labs. After being exposed to the energy from the particle accelerator, Grodd escaped his cage and developed powerful psychic abilities, becoming a near-unstoppable enemy of the Flash after being brought up under the influence of the Reverse-Flash.”