Bob’s Burgers S10E08: “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas”.

Episode Grade:  B+

When it comes down to it, there’s one factor that separates an average Bob’s Thanksgiving from a great one: does Bob get messed up?

“An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”? Yep. “Turkey In A Can”? Eh, kind of. “Dawn Of The Peck”? Oh yeah.

Tonight? Well, Bob doesn’t get intoxicated per se,  but he does get totally consumed with preparing the ultimate Thanksgiving turkey for his family. Which is about right. Honestly, the worst Bob’s Thanksgiving episodes are the ones that move the focus away from the meal itself, and towards something else. Last year, we got an odd episode that focused on local politics, give or take Bob’s cran-gasm. Then there’s always “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”, a strong contender for the worst episode this show has ever done.

At the end of the day, Bob’s Burgers is a show based around a family cooking food. Well, no, that’s not quite right. At the end of the day, Bob’s Burgers is a show based around a man who would like to cook gourmet food, but is constrained by a family who he loves dearly, but would also trade in in a second. They get it though. Linda even offers to set Bob up a bed next to the turkey. Bob may be a creepy food weirdo, but he’s her creepy food weirdo.

As for the kids, Tina’s ‘Gratitude Tree’ meets its rightful fate in the firepit. Gene and Louise have a semi-quiet night on the sidelines. There was a bit of a missed oppertunity when the Belchers’ lost their gas and no Fischoeders were around to get involved (what are landlords for?), then Teddy was restricted to a brief cameo, but we still got a solid late-era Bob’s holiday episode. This has the feel of one that will improve on  rewatches, but as is this was a solid season 10 episode.


Bring back good stuff to burn, or don’t come back at all….

  • So we’re gonna eat something that’s had a better life than us?”
  • Bob and Linda’s willingness to burn Teddy’s Valentines gifts to them seems a little cold…
  • “Would you like a suggestion where to stick this log?” ” Tina!” “You heard me!”
  • Put on a shirt Iggy Pop. Your meaty breasts are reminding us of what we’re missing out on.” Man, I love this show.