Avocado Day Thread

The Detroit Cobras Day Thread (November 22, 2019)

Rachel Nagy and Mary Ramirez are the two constant elements of awesome rock band the Detroit Cobras, surrounded by an often-changing line-up of musicians. The Cobras rework soul and R&B music from the 50s and 60s into dirty rock ‘n’ roll and turn the songs into something entirely their own. They released their first album, Mink Rat or Rabbit in 1998, and gained exposure as part of the turn-of-the-century Detroit garage rock scene which of course the White Stripes spearheaded. I fell in love with them in 2003 when I picked up their EP, Seven Easy Pieces.

Their last album, Tied & True, was released way back in 2007, and they have been pretty quiet since then. Third Man Records re-pressed their LPs last year, however, and the band have started to release new 45s recently. They also toured Europe for the first time in forever, meaning I have finally been to see every band and musician possible I’ve wanted to see live!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!