Weekly Who #17 Ranks All The Doctors (So Far)

It’s been a long time coming and here it is. Your intrepid host of Weekly Who is going to give her ranking of all 14 Doctors (just the ones on the tv show. David Warner and Peter Cushing are great but they’re kinda playing separate characters) The order is going bottom to top with least enjoyed up first. That being said this is entirely my opinion you can and have other opinions than me. Also, I don’t dislike any of The Doctors so if your favorite is number 14 on this list it isn’t a condemnation.

14. The Fifth Doctor: I’ll be honest while I find a lot of the stories with Five good (especially Earthshock and Warriors Of The Deep) and I love his companions (especially Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough) I find that Davison just gives kind of a bland performance. fifthdoctor

13. The Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy is a lot more fun to watch in the roll and Ace is one of the best companions ever. But Seven is the first Doctor to really start doubling down on the manipulations and the idea that he is some sort of Time’s Champion. Not my favorite direction for the character even if a lot of the EU material about it is very good.

12. The First Doctor: William Hartnell gets all the credit for being a good enough actor that the character and show managed to become popular enough to last all these decades but the grumpy and cantankerous old man version of The Doctor would be done much better in the future.

11. The Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton’s followup to Hartnell from what I’ve seen is honestly a lot of fun. He’s got a fourth Stooge vibe and anytime the Doctor’s main mode of adventuring is best described as “by the seat of their pants” I am game. I just wish more of his performance still existed.

10. The Tenth Doctor: David Tennant is a lot of fun and is understandably a lot of people’s favorites. He just really never connected with me and like Seven he tended to go towards more time champion type stuff which I still don’t care for. He still manages to be the Doctor for a good amount of my favorite stories and Donna is one of the best companions which ain’t half bad.

9. The Third Doctor: Doctor Who meets James Bond isn’t a combination that sounds like it will work on paper. Jon Pertwee really makes it work though. Also, Three is the only Doctor to have multiple cool cars, having a cool car goes a long way.

8. The Fourth Doctor: The Man with the scarf and the candy. Tom Baker’s jovial and mischevious Doctor was one of the first incarnations I saw and apart from Adric, he got a lot of the best classic era companions too.

7. The Ninth Doctor: Christopher Ecclestone is the definition of pathos and humor. The Ninth Doctor is a case study is a character who is very sad yet can still find great joy in many things. Damn shame behind the scenes drama made him swear off playing the character for more than a single season.

6. The War Doctor: Need Gravitas? Just add John Hurt. The War Doctor despite showing up for one movie and one or two Big Finish Box Sets (John Hurt died before they could record any more) The War Doctor left a big impression on me.

5. The Thirteenth Doctor: With only one season so far under her belt Jodie Whittaker has already managed to impress. I think her Doctor is the much-improved version of what they were trying to do with Davison’s Fifth Doctor. A calmer yet still fun-loving incarnation. Her companions are a lot of fun too and they all play off each other really well.

4. The Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker’s erudite, pompous, teddy bear of a Doctor got a bad shake during his tenure on the show. But, Big Finish has been more than kind to old Sixie giving the character a much-needed overhaul and essentially saving the character in my and many other’s eyes. Hot Take: I actually love the garish technicolor Dreamcoat of an outfit he wears it is as playfully abrasive as the man wearing it.

3. The Eleventh Doctor: My first Doctor ever. Matt Smith plays an old man in a young man’s body. I just adore how Eleven can go from giddy to mournful in the drop of a hat. Bowties will forever be cool thanks to him.

2. The Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann only appeared twice on screens (and only half of his appearances were any good) but Eight has a long wonderful run on Big Finish where they’re able to play the pitch-perfect Byronic hero.

1. The Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi’s aging Rock Star interpretation of The Time Lord is easily my favorite regeneration yet. They’re just the epitome of cool without even trying. They also have the best hair of any Doctor. It just gets bigger and bigger.

That is it for my ranking let me know how wrong I am in the comments below haha.