Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (11/19)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread!   Let’s talk about movies you’ve seen this week, movies, you’ve seen before, and movies that your mind can’t let go.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou turns 15 years old this year.


I don’t know if this metaphorical movie centered around revenge and deep sea exploration is anyone’s favorite Wes Anderson film.  Most people would recommend Rushmore or Moonrise Kingdom or The Royal Tennenbaums or Grand Budapest Hotel over The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.  The movie is probably the most cosplayed Wes Anderson film though.

Also, it has Seu Jorge covering David Bowie songs on acoustic guitar. It lends an otherworldly atmosphere to a movie whose very color palette sticks it in a realm of dreams and fantasy. (Or “magical realism”, maybe. That’s what the cool movie writers call it, right?) Like the miniatures and the trademark yellow Futura font, the music is familiar but rendered in a simpler and anachronistic state that recalls both childhood and a past that never existed except through familiar candy-colored snippets.


Today’s bonus prompt: What is your favorite use of popular music in movies?

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